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The Hamsexy “What the Fuck??” files… for those stories that make you go Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot

The shit volcano at Dayton

Okay…. Armageddon didn’t happen as planned, but at the Dayton Hamfest today, it seemed very likely that at least one of the plagues was being imposed by a vengeful God on the Amateur Radio community. Our contacts at Dayton witnessed … Continue reading

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Okay, it’s cars like this that justify Hamsexy’s reason for existing. This was submitted to us several months ago, but because of our hitaus, we were unable to present it to you until now. Out of Jupiter, Florida …. We … Continue reading

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Skywarn Sexiness

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of on Hamsexy, it’s ‘chase vehicles’. Skywarn is a great example of an organization full of people with weird, wild and wonderful ‘storm chaser’ rigs … a few rudimentary classes on what … Continue reading

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Parking Lot Patrol

An anonymous submitter sent this to us…. An article from the Macon, Georgia Sun features the “Santa Patrol“, a group of hams who lurk in parking lots, looking for suspicious behavouir (all the while, looking rather suspicious themselves). As our … Continue reading

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Caitlyn Martin Returns…

So I happily go check the post office today for whatever mail that has shown up since just before the new year. The lady at the counter tells me that I have a certified letter from a lawyers office in … Continue reading

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New Disturbing Whacker

Gotta love the whackers!! This guy, YouTube username scnermn2004 (first name Keith) – who would be declared the new king of the whackers, if his videos weren’t so bone-chillingly disturbing. A thread was posted about these videos on RR, but … Continue reading

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Amateur Radio Newsline site hacked

Thanks to our own KC9ECI for pointing this one out…. It seems, for some reason, the website for the Amateur Radio Newsline has been hacked. KC9ECI reports that, as of around 7:30 ET tonight, the site’s URL was redirecting … Continue reading

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Ham radio with BALLS

Rick VE3YAZ submitted this photo, taken on the streets of downtown Toronto. I’ve seen these in magazines, but I can’t believe people actually put them on their trucks.

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