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More Skywarn Lameness….

Because you asked for it, here are more Skywarn douche chills, brought to you by the fine folks at the Skywarn Online message forums. Here’s a video by a weather whacker who is in serious denial. First of all, he … Continue reading

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Best shack in the world…

An anonymous submitter sent us these photos, but they should be familiar to anyone who frequents the “Post your Shack/Setup photos” forum on RadioReference. The OP took a lot of flak for posting these, but I don’t know…. there’s kind … Continue reading

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More whackerism

… who says you have to be a Ham to be a whacker? Not us! There are lots of examples of whackers existing without a smelly ham in sight. All one has to do is visit any REACT or weather … Continue reading

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Hamsexy from the past….

A friend of the site emailed us this gem from the greatest decade in the history of the word… “….I just stumbled into this uber-sexy armband picture in an old 73 magazine and knew I had to submit it.” Nice … Continue reading

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Skywarn Sexiness

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of on Hamsexy, it’s ‘chase vehicles’. Skywarn is a great example of an organization full of people with weird, wild and wonderful ‘storm chaser’ rigs … a few rudimentary classes on what … Continue reading

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The Skullcracka…

Here’s another example of a terrible example of a scanner install. What makes it Hamsexy (aside from the realy dangerous hunk of wood taped (glued?) to the dash), is the fact the owner was proud enough of it to post … Continue reading

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Ham Radio and Ike

We’ve all seen or read it at some point. In the aftermath of a major disaster, “news articles” and “press releases” get published touting the role of Amateur Radio as the only means of communication left working and describing its … Continue reading

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Parking Lot Patrol

An anonymous submitter sent this to us…. An article from the Macon, Georgia Sun features the “Santa Patrol“, a group of hams who lurk in parking lots, looking for suspicious behavouir (all the while, looking rather suspicious themselves). As our … Continue reading

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