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Hamsexy Net 5-30-2007

The last net for the month of May. . .and it was a good ‘un! Urns high praise, as they like to say. No topic, just a general check-in net. KE4NOY – Matt – TN (Net Control) KD8CPP – Tyler … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Net 5-23-2007

Well everyone, it has come and gone again. Dayton 2007. I personally enjoyed myself, and will upload pictures soon. Besides that, everything is back to normal, or at least as normal as they get, at hamsexy. The topic is what … Continue reading

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Random photo submission…

This photo was emailed to me today by a friend of the site. I think it sums up Dayton PERFECTLY. Click on the image for a “larger” size… hell, in this case, it’s XXXXXL. I’ll post more of my own … Continue reading

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Hamvention After Party Report

Dayton Hamvention 2007… Another year has passed and the Hamsexy strike team had yet again descended on the unwashed masses and spread joy and cheer for all to enjoy. As with all trends the group keeps getting larger and larger … Continue reading

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It’s the “Get your ass to Dayton” Hamsexy Net.

The Following people checked in to the net: K3BM – Bob (Net Control) VE6PWT – Robert KD8CPP – Tyler W8JUZ – Laura KE4NOY – MATT ( our Warp-Radio connection) KC8TCQ – Keith KC0RBC – Hambone N5API – John KB3AWQ – … Continue reading

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NEAR-Fest Review

Hosstraders is no more. Welcome to NEAR-Fest. Mr. Mike has done an excellent job of putting together a successful fester at Deerfield, NH in short time. NEAR-Fest totally rocked for the following reasons: – There was more of a community … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Net 5-9-2007

Once again hamsexuals, it is time for the Wed. night Hamsexy net. Topic will be commercial radios. What you like or dislike. KE4NOY Matt VE6PWT Robert KI6DZU Rick KC0RBC VE4UO Shaun N5API John K1HPD Al KC8RYW Jonathan KC9KXQ N8FZT Chris … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Net 4-2-06

Well everyone, again the hamsexy net has come and gone. We will hopefully have a advertised net next week, as I should not be that busy. Checkins include, KI6DZU KC0RBC K3BM VE6PWT The topic this time was BEER!!! Catch ya’ll … Continue reading

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