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Where the HAMS eat…

Wow.. I’m full of submissions today…. I was out and about the other day, and saw a restaurant I’d seen a million times. For some reason, it then decided to click in my head that it might be funny. So … Continue reading

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For those who think that Extras are ‘better’ operators…

We present to you Anthony AE2NY (formerly W8ANT…. yes – the same guy who told an Air Force C-130 to go pound sand when they tried to check into a SATERN emergency net during Hurricane Katrina), proving that the license … Continue reading

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Wacker or real deal?

This submission came to my cell phone earlier today. Continue reading

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Hamsexy Net Tonight

The Hamsexy Net is ON THE AIR tonight!! There are two ways you can get on the net: IRLP: Node 9008 Echolink: *VAN-IRLP* (remember the asterisks!!) Unfortunatley, the live stream will NOT be up tonight – VE3NSV Terry is in … Continue reading

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Construction Light

We got this e-mail and great photo from Don KC8BQR: I figured this was one worthy of sending it to the crew there. The Cleveland HamFest and Computer Show (more like boat anchor show) was this past Sunday. I was … Continue reading

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Canadian Goon Squad – Mark 2

(Courtesy of VE3RTT – from the Milton, Canada Hamfest in July 2005)

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Whacker gets busted in Toronto

This message comes to us via Justin VE3UDP in Toronto, Canada: Heard on the airwaves of 52 Division in Toronto, the busiest division on Toronto, story is broken only on this site! A 24 year old man, identified himself as … Continue reading

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Hamfessional meets professional

I was at the launch of our new season at the TV station I work at (including DAYTIME, a new show I direct daily (plugplugplug)). We had our (relativley) new microwave live truck set-up in front of the station as … Continue reading

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