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Amateur Radio Police Interceptor Car

I found this in a google search, Notice how its a “amatuer radio police interceptor car” Is this for pursuit of donuts or sammiches? His callsign is KB0KBJ Edit: Video was removed. new link added 1/24/2014

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Hot off the Whacker News Wire…

(Story comes to Hamsexy from WBNS 10TV – original story here.) ONTARIO, Ohio — A man who investigators said was impersonating a police officer was arrested when officers caught him in the act, 10TV News reported Friday. The most recent … Continue reading

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More Skywarn Lameness….

Because you asked for it, here are more Skywarn douche chills, brought to you by the fine folks at the Skywarn Online message forums. Here’s a video by a weather whacker who is in serious denial. First of all, he … Continue reading

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More whackerism

… who says you have to be a Ham to be a whacker? Not us! There are lots of examples of whackers existing without a smelly ham in sight. All one has to do is visit any REACT or weather … Continue reading

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Skywarn Sexiness

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of on Hamsexy, it’s ‘chase vehicles’. Skywarn is a great example of an organization full of people with weird, wild and wonderful ‘storm chaser’ rigs … a few rudimentary classes on what … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of Year for The Weather Whackers to Show-up

Several members have sent us links to video of prospective weather spotters gone whacker. Below, we present the links, you decide for yourself, whacker or not? (Removed?) Edit by KD8CPP: Edited the first link to work, at least for my … Continue reading

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British RAYNET Whacker

From M3ECM Spied recently at a RAYNET (British “ARES”) event was this whacker mobile. Sporting a very hamsexy “RAYNET” board bolted to the roof rack, complete with the ultra-bright-no-whacker-should leave-the-house-without-one orange rotating beacon. Not content with one antenna, he has … Continue reading

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New Disturbing Whacker

Gotta love the whackers!! This guy, YouTube username scnermn2004 (first name Keith) – who would be declared the new king of the whackers, if his videos weren’t so bone-chillingly disturbing. A thread was posted about these videos on RR, but … Continue reading

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