Okay, it’s cars like this that justify Hamsexy’s reason for existing.

This was submitted to us several months ago, but because of our hitaus, we were unable to present it to you until now.

Out of Jupiter, Florida …. We bring you quite possibly the Hamsexiest 1985 Dodge Colt ever to grace our pages.

RadioActive – a decal-and-antenna heavy car….
If you think the OUTSIDE is Hamsexy….
… you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet….
Front passenger door
It certainly is…
Apparently it’s got hydraulics… but I can’t imagine why.
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11 Responses to RadioActive…

  1. JohnnyGalaga says:

    If you right-click on the first photo and choose View Image (in FireFox) you can see a larger photo.

  2. VE3HBD says:

    They were all supposed to be ‘click for larger’… It’s fixed now…Thanks!

  3. n0loh says:


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  7. k6mfw says:

    Lightbars, man, lightbars. This car just ain’t right because it ain’t gotta lightbar.

  8. va7lnx says:

    that car should be taken off the road simply for the lack of field of vision!

  9. mr. mike says:

    I was going to complain about the Galaxy CB on the passenger door, but it’s one of their legal rigs and not one of their freebanders….this car is like a slightly slicker version of the Porcupine and another example of radios for radios’ sake; at the very most you might need two radios (one VHF or UHF, the other a small HF rig) in your vehicle – more than that and you’ll probably wind up a radio cop.

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