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Inside the Porcupine!!

Thanks to ICEMAN (John KC0VGR) we have interior photos of the fabled RED PORCUPINE! If you’ve been reading this site for a few years you’ll know the Porcupine quite well. It’s graced the pages of Hamsexy quite a few times … Continue reading

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Amateur Radio and Pagers

The topic comes up now and then – pagers on the amateur bands. It’s a fine idea on paper, but unfortunatley some of the ‘old guard’ declare it illegal and blasphemy against ‘all things ham’. It’s an issue that will … Continue reading

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ALERT!! Hamsexy ALERT!!

The National Hamsexy Station has issued an alert for all of Hamsexy. All agents for hamsexy are now on alert in compliance with National Hamsexy Alert Level 1. Special Thanx for Bob, K3BM for the alert to all of our … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Net!!

Another Hamsexy Net for the History Books With a total of 11 check-ins we got a few questions answered and just had a little bit of rag-chew. I will be back next week for Net Control again, so feel free … Continue reading

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Three weeks without an update…..

Hey guys (i’d say gals.. but who are we kidding?) – After reading last night’s Hamsexy Net update, I realized that Hamsexy has been without a real update for three weeks…. THREE WEEKS!! It really can’t be helped… these are … Continue reading

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August 9th net

Well, I was going to do the net tonight but my piece of excrement laptop and/or internet connection screwed up at the last moment, so Matt KE4NOY took over. You can all be thankful for that. Quoth he: WB4ZCP  –  … Continue reading

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Hamsexy net 2/8/6!

Despite some packet loss from my station at the beginning of the net, and the untimely termination of the Fredrickton IRLP node, we had a pretty good net, with 8 checkins from all across the great continent of North America. … Continue reading

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