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Southington, CT Hamfest

Ron, our roving Atlantic Coast reporter submitted these photos from the Southington, CT Hamfest, which took place late last month. He snagged these photos of MCU-2, a whackertruck designed and built by SPARC – the Shore Point Amateur Radio Club. … Continue reading

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More Skywarn Lameness….

Because you asked for it, here are more Skywarn douche chills, brought to you by the fine folks at the Skywarn Online message forums. Here’s a video by a weather whacker who is in serious denial. First of all, he … Continue reading

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More whackerism

… who says you have to be a Ham to be a whacker? Not us! There are lots of examples of whackers existing without a smelly ham in sight. All one has to do is visit any REACT or weather … Continue reading

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Skywarn Sexiness

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of on Hamsexy, it’s ‘chase vehicles’. Skywarn is a great example of an organization full of people with weird, wild and wonderful ‘storm chaser’ rigs … a few rudimentary classes on what … Continue reading

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Youtube Whacker

Yo… Dr. Whacker here….. Thanks to the geeks on Radioreference, I have stumbled across this gem. OMG what have you done? Earned yourself a place on the front page of Hamsexy, brother. *That* is a classic case of light … Continue reading

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HOP – Hams on Patrol

Hoya…. Dr. Whacker here… We got a submission in the Hamsexy mail bag today from the Lone Star state. Everyone knows it’s Christmas – a busy time for shopping, and a busy time for theives. One thing us Hams are … Continue reading

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Whacker Report: KD7NQB

Article removed as per Hamsexy’s polite request policy.

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