The shit volcano at Dayton

Okay…. Armageddon didn’t happen as planned, but at the Dayton Hamfest today, it seemed very likely that at least one of the plagues was being imposed by a vengeful God on the Amateur Radio community.

Our contacts at Dayton witnessed what can only be described as a shit fountain of unprecedented proportions. Undoubtedly, some overweight ham overtaxed the Hara Center’s plumbing system, causing a rupture of the sewer main underneath the outdoor exhibition area, in the middle of some hapless vendors and by the food preparation area.. Fountains of human feces erupted from the pavement, creating a river of liquid shit as yet unseen in the long and storied history of the Dayton Hamvention.

It was the rivers of feces, toilet paper and urine creeping into the vendor’s merchandise that was the first clue — no one noticed the telltale smell that such an event brings with it because everybody’s nose had long since gone numb inhaling the combined bodily odour of thousands of fat, smelly hams all weekend.

These photos were submitted by our spies, and I gotta warn you… they made me fucking gag. Not so much seeing hammy turds piled like cordwood, but that the Hara workers are standing in a LAKE OF LIQUID SHIT wearing nothing but sneakers. If you look closely, you can see that the man’s PANT LEGS ARE FUCKING DAMP.

If there was ever an unintended but wholly accurate editorial on the state of amateur radio in North America, it fucking happened at Dayton this year. Not only are normal people repelled by hams, even their excreta can’t stand to be associated with them.


click the image for bigger, but take heed…





Got any more photos from Dayton? Send them on over!

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32 Responses to The shit volcano at Dayton

  1. kd8eyf says:

    Nice Nuggets

  2. bucky says:

    What a waste.

  3. VE4YRT says:

    From the asses of hams….

  4. KC2JNS says:

    mmmm.. Get’s me in the mood for Field Day!

  5. mr. mike says:

    If this happens again, you could grup the photos under “Shitsexy”….urgh *barf*.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    ‘Nowhere else but Hara…..Hara!’

  8. W9JAB says:

    Had a crappy time a Dayton!

  9. Jeff says:

    Hara Arena needs a complete renovation.

  10. Mike says:

    “Hara Arena needs a complete renovation” No they need a new venue. The place is an embarrassment and has been for years. And tell me, who takes a dump at Hara? I’d crap my britches before I used one of those stalls.

  11. Mike says:

    oh and about those photos, anyone else notice the guys standing around watching the clean-up crew doing their thing? WTF? Wouldn’t most people get the hell out of there after that?

  12. Cliff says:

    Only a Ham would stand around and watch this crap…

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  14. Howard Sperm says:

    This has happened before at Dayton. Some years ago one of the outdoor trailer shitters (probably a 6-8 holer, plus uninals) overflowed. Same deal though – a river of crap running through the fest!

  15. BRW says:

    They need to move out of Dayton and go to Columbus “Ohio State Fairgrounds.” At least Columbus seems to have a decent sewer system…

  16. VE7KFM says:

    KZ8O must have attended Dayton, this happens several times a day at his house.

  17. Paul says:

    I always thought hams were full of shit, now we see proof…deluxe, even !

  18. 4Z7DFI says:

    HARA in Hebrew means SHIT

  19. va7oj says:

    Mein Gott! Das soll wirklich der allerletzte ScheiƟ sein!

  20. ham tard says:

    Hara Arena needs to be torn down and rebuilt somewere else. That place is a shithole and has been for years…

  21. n0loh says:

    I name it Mount Fecesius!

  22. Jennifer says:

    HA… PRICELESS!!!!!!


  23. OFFAL says:

    Wonder if Mr. CREW (shirt should say ARES on it) wears those tennis shoes (which appear to have plentiful mesh construction on them, ensuring the transfer of poop and pee to his feet) into his home at night. And no gloves? Corntastic, Batman!

  24. W3KG says:

    Itripondi kalgotich ursulin tramicotchan solipugle 12AX7.

  25. Rick says:


  26. JOHN says:

    Enjoyed dayton until I couldn’t use the John (no connection ! Felt for those vendors who had travelled great distances to be there and market their wares – one blessing on my part was able to acquire a Millen GDO on Sunday ‘cos the vendor was keen to head home.
    Great show, that is the Hamvention. Came a long way from ZL and thought the trip was well worthwhile – a bit like a Muslim visiting Mecca, or a Catholic going to thr Vatican.

  27. KG4ZPN says:

    The Suck Truck!

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  30. John says:

    Remember not to pick your teeth!

  31. cx4storm says:

    No, on second thought, let’s not go to Dayton Hamvention. It is a shitty place.

  32. KD8RG says:

    Just 12 hours earlier, all of that was sitting in the buffet of the local Golden Corral.

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