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Poor TX and RX? Wonder why

The picture below is from a local MSS, D&D Communications at 13444 L┬áStreet, Omaha NE,┬ánear WB0QQK. The customer complained of poor TX and poor RX. We’ve all seen the CBer’s coathanger whips, and radio antennas, but this one probably takes … Continue reading

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Hamsexy’s Waste of Flesh Award ™

Friend of the site and all-round good guy KC9ECI let us know about this disgrace to amateur radio – it’s people like this loser that ham radio (especially HF modes) are dying a slow death. Unfortunately we don’t have a … Continue reading

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Scholarship Announcement

So you think all we are about is laughing at ourselves and our fellow amateurs? Well on occasion, we highlight items that help the amateur community as well. And since one of our members is the President of The Foundation … Continue reading

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This is how we roll…

I have a great love for the Portugese. Their women are beautiful, they decorate their tow trucks with airbrushings of their mothers, and they celebrate soccer wins as if the earth was just spared Armageddon. Julio Lopez, CT1GIM Hamsexual of … Continue reading

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