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Best shack in the world…

An anonymous submitter sent us these photos, but they should be familiar to anyone who frequents the “Post your Shack/Setup photos” forum on RadioReference. The OP took a lot of flak for posting these, but I don’t know…. there’s kind … Continue reading

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The Skullcracka…

Here’s another example of a terrible example of a scanner install. What makes it Hamsexy (aside from the realy dangerous hunk of wood taped (glued?) to the dash), is the fact the owner was proud enough of it to post … Continue reading

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Parking Lot Patrol

An anonymous submitter sent this to us…. An article from the Macon, Georgia Sun features the “Santa Patrol“, a group of hams who lurk in parking lots, looking for suspicious behavouir (all the while, looking rather suspicious themselves). As our … Continue reading

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One man’s induction into the world of ARES

A.E. Hansen III sent us this very entertaining story, about how he found out about Ham Radio, ARES and, by extention, this website. Enjoy! Recently, I encountered the ARES which led me to your site. I was driving along a … Continue reading

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Hamsexy’s Waste of Flesh Award ™

Friend of the site and all-round good guy KC9ECI let us know about this disgrace to amateur radio – it’s people like this loser that ham radio (especially HF modes) are dying a slow death. Unfortunately we don’t have a … Continue reading

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Youtube Idiot of the year

I know we only feature amateur radio and whacker related stuff on Hamsexy, but this link was posted in the Hamsexy forums and it deserves the wide recognition of this mental midget. This guy, Youtube user name Wood2WouldNot, aside … Continue reading

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One of our forum guys posted this link for the perusal of our members: The site features an unremarkable yet strangely over-the-top Caprice setup for some volly firefighter slash stormchaser slash wardriver slash copier repairman he has named “The … Continue reading

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Dangerous whacker UPDATE!

Well, it looks like he’s selling the car. The following message appeared on his YouTube video page: I have been harassed by the County Sheriffs and Local PD here in my area even though I work for to credible places … Continue reading

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