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Okay, it’s cars like this that justify Hamsexy’s reason for existing. This was submitted to us several months ago, but because of our hitaus, we were unable to present it to you until now. Out of Jupiter, Florida …. We … Continue reading

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From the Hamsexy Mail Sack…

Occasionally, we get requests from people who we’ve featured on our site, requesting that we remove them. Under our Polite Request policy, we quite often will comply, and often do. Then, of course, we get letters like this: To: [email protected]Continue reading

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Hams to the rescue

Local hams in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta keep local emergency services online. A failure to communicate… By Bryan Passifiume Reporter, Crowsnest Pass Promoter Friday April 11, 2008 It was a tense weekend for emergency workers as equipment failures brought the … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Forums…

Hey folks… You may have noticed that the Hamsexy Forums are currently down. Alex and I are currently doing an upgrade on the system, changing it over to the more robust and user-friendly PHPBB3. We are hoping that it’ll be … Continue reading

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This is how we roll…

I have a great love for the Portugese. Their women are beautiful, they decorate their tow trucks with airbrushings of their mothers, and they celebrate soccer wins as if the earth was just spared Armageddon. Julio Lopez, CT1GIM Hamsexual of … Continue reading

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New IARU bandplan threatens AM

The following message is n behalf of the AM Forum team at, reprinted here as a courtesy and to get their message out. Please take a few minutes to consider what follows — some concerns a number of us … Continue reading

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Why people hate us….

It’s an interesting question, one that has a variety of answers as colourful and different as those who hate us. Soon after this site signed on many years ago, a small but vocal group of people formed who decided we … Continue reading

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Ham radio with BALLS

Rick VE3YAZ submitted this photo, taken on the streets of downtown Toronto. I’ve seen these in magazines, but I can’t believe people actually put them on their trucks.

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