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Attack of the QRZ Supermods!!

See? What did I tell you? I knew this posting would kick up some dust at VE9MP posted our famous “Half-Shirt guy” photo on the thread, and posted a link to Hamsexy. Of course, one of the QRZ mods … Continue reading

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More from the York Hamfest

Hamsexy Canadian team lead VE3UDP filed this report from the trenches of the York Region Hamfest. VE3UDP was joined by VE3RWL, VE3VLT, VE3XLS, VA3MXY, VA3GP at the hamfest running their table. The ETS WhackerCruiser, in all it’s glory. So what’s … Continue reading

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Images from the York Hamfest

The York Region Hamfest happened this past weekend (north of Toronto, up in Canada). Many have promised us photos, but it was Chuck Bravo that crossed the line first… WTF is the loudspeaker for??! Off-road ham

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The best post on QRZ ever – and changes changes changes….

… and what do you want to bet that it won’t last the weekend now that it’s been mentioned here? Click here to see it.. It’s a classic post from the past, and a great example of some of the … Continue reading

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Do you use IRLP? You’re morally bankrupt!!

And now a special op-ed piece from friend Mr. CPU: A wonderful discussion has begun on our favorite site, QRZ with regards to the use of voip in ham radio, spawning from CISCO’s resent announcements. Some people there have gone … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Net Tonight!

You can’t run… you can’t hide… why? Because you’re a ham and you weigh 600 lbs. That’s right, the HAMSEXY NET is back on the air tonight. There are two ways you can get on the net: IRLP: Node 9008 … Continue reading

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The Hamsexy Baby

Awwww… Ain’t he cute… and he’s already got good taste in radios. We have cute babies on our site…. see? We aren’t all bad!!!

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Some response from ARRL’s snub

Not within an HOUR of posting the previous message last night we got a bunch of messages from outraged people regarding ARRL’s snub of Hampedia, and their unfair branding of us as a “Porn site”. Don’t get us wrong – … Continue reading

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