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Dayton Situation: resolved

The situation between us and the Dayton Hamvention executive has been resolved to our satisfaction. We’d like to personally thank everyone who took the time to write letters on our behalf – the support we got was outstanding, and I … Continue reading

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A response from the Dayton Hamvention chairman

Terry, N5RSE, wrote an excellent letter to the chair of the Dayton Hamvention last night, asking for clarification on the banning of Hamsexy from Dayton, and expressing his support for hamsexy. He got a reply today, and forwarded it to … Continue reading

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Response to our supposed ‘bannination”

Response to our supposed “banning” from Dayton Hamvention has been fast and furious. We’ve gotten a few reports of people sending letters to the Dayton executive. Pending permission from the authors, we’ll re-print these letters here. Look for those on … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Radio vol 1

Introducing: Hamsexy Radio! Listen to volume one here: hrn01.mp3. Feel free to distribute this file however you wish and to whomever you want. Information on the Hamsexy Radio project, as well as archives, can be found here.

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Remember Memorial Day….

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Hamsexy has been BANNED from Dayton

We got this e-mail in our Hamsexy mail sack today: I have had a chance to review the Hamsexy web site on two separate occasions and in my capacity as Local Media Chairman for the Dayton Hamvention I can say … Continue reading

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Has anyone noticed that the new QRZ callbook CD looks a heck of a lot like The Tragically Hip’s great 1998 album “Phantom Power”? Just a thought… Click here to hear their best song off of Phantom Power, Bobcaygeon

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Another batch of Dayton Photos

Got some more Dayton photos for you… Alright…. Hail to the Prezz… Alice the hammy has…. one hump…. TowerHead The meeting of the radiopack nerds ICOM’s on the right track using pretty girls to promote their line, but I’m not … Continue reading

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