Announcement: is not part of Hamsexy

Just to set the record straight….

Neither the management of nor the Hamsexy Facebook group (which are pretty much the same thing) have anything to do with the person claiming to ‘bring back Hamsexy.’

It’s sad that we even have to do something as lame as this, but…. yeah…. they’re imposters.

Go about your day.


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Hamvention change of venue

A long long overdue change of venue is finally happening for Hamvention 2017.

On Friday July 29th 2016, Hara Arena officially notified local media/customers that they are closing down for good.

No new site has been announced and DARA has assured on their website that they have a new venue that will be announced shortly.

News links:
Venue Announcement:

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W0AJA AKA N3PHP Strikes again!

It appears our whacker friend AJ Ayers W0AJA now known as   N3PHP Continue reading

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Crazy Interference on VE3TWR Toronto local repeater!

I received the following blog post as a submission.

Apparently there is a DMR war going on between several users of the VE3TWR Toronto Repeater.  There have been spoofed radio ID’s and even jamming the repeater till the point that they were forced to change to C4FM (P25 Phase 1) mode to stop the jamming.  Both YouTube videos are at the link below.

The original post is here:

EDIT:   We removed the youtube embeds as the post on the blog has had its youtube audio updated.


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ARES / RACES Gun craziness

EDIT: An appology was made in their newsletter:

In Central Ohio ARES/RACES things are getting fired up including suggestions in a ARES newsletter that if your volunteers want to leave to shoot them in their leg.

Here is a quote from their newsletter located here on page 5

DO NOT LET YOUR STAFF JUST UP AND LEAVE! (shooting them in the leg can be very helpful here….) The team members (especially the new folks) may feel like wandering away (even offering you their cell numbers) but this is en-tirely inappropriate. We do not want team members moving away from their established stations without being relieved of duty via net control and having a replacement on site before they depart. The exception is in the emergent medical care of someone. If you end up very distant from your event medical table (up in the stands caring for someone with a seizure), advise NC that you are off station. We will consider sending a second team in there temporarily until your team is back online.

One has to wonder why ARES / RACES members should ever need to be armed? In the event of a “real emergency” they just become citizen aid and are *NEVER* given any sort of police powers let alone why would they need a gun to do their volunteer work?

When approached about the matter the Medical Director of the Arnold Expo responded
with this gem:

As the Executive Medical Director of the world’s largest multisport athletic event, and as a commissioned deputy sheriff, let me say that I support ARRL’s stance on weapons and I personally support such responsible people carrying weapons at my events.  However, there are other legal restrictions that are event and site specific that may preclude any single individual’s rights in that regard. I would be delighted to have my amateur radio operators armed if that was their individual preference.

This is just asking for trouble and is another example of why RACES/ARES folks never
become involved in real emergencies.

As usual we welcome user submitted article ideas etc, please contact us thru new submission in the menu at the top.

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WhackerSexy: Virginia Police Impersonators

The state of Virginia has had two police impersonators since the beginning of the year:



One has to wonder whats going thru those idiots heads.  The first one even pulled over a real police officer.  Hopefully both of them get nice long jail sentences.  Also note the creepy grin on the second ones face.  It looks like he’s excited to have gotten caught.

There’s a thread in the Hamsexy forums regarding the second one located here


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W0AJA is at it again !!!

Well I was hoping to pin the original post that has gotten his tit in the wringer again, but the site that hosted it with respect to PEMA (Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency) has pulled his information and slapped his wrist.

Short version, noobie had posted a list of digital mode frequencies that we (normal not ARES worthy) Hams need to stay away from in preparation of the impending doom we on our side of the Commonweath call a minor snow storm.

Anyway after much butthurt caused by our members and them getting booted from the same site, someone had enough foresight to send a copy of his bullshit to PEMA and here is their response.

“Dear County ARES/RACES/ACS Coordinators and friends,

Last night around 11:00 pm an unfortunate incident was brought to my attention by one of my PEMA ACS Officers. He was concerned about an entry that someone posted on an Amateur Radio Page on Facebook. I did a little research into both the post and the person doing the posting.

Someone posted a message on the page telling people to refrain from using certain frequencies stating that PEMA ACS was conducting an emergency NET. He also misidentified himself as being a PEMA ACS Liaison. He does not, nor did he ever represent PEMA ACS in any manner. We had not even heard of him until last night.

The person who made the post was a teenager who is fairly new to amateur radio. He earned his license earlier this year and became active with his local county RACES unit. I spoke with the county’s RACES Coordinator who is familiar with this person and he will address the situation with the teen.
The post has since been removed from Facebook but it left me very concerned.
This incident provides me with the opportunity to remind you that PEMA ACS will NEVER tell you what to do or not do. My staff and I will never tell you to stay off any frequency. And PEMA has very restrictive social media policies so you will never see us posting about NETs on Facebook or any other social media platform.

I contacted the board administrator as soon as I saw the post and had it pulled. If you should ever see or hear of anything like this in the future, please know that it will not have come from us. And please let me know so that I can deal with the problem. I take my promise to you very seriously and wanted to reassure you that this was not from PEMA ACS.

Could you please forward this email to any amateur radio operators within your organization. I want to make sure that everyone knows this post did not originate from our organization.

Thank you,
Susan D. Singer | Emergency Management Specialist
Commonwealth ACS Coordinator
Division of Logistics & Resource Management
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency”

To the agitators, excellent work, your getting banned will get you a beer bought by me at Dayton.

Peace out.

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