New Disturbing Whacker

Gotta love the whackers!!

cvpi1.jpgThis guy, YouTube username scnermn2004 (first name Keith) – who would be declared the new king of the whackers, if his videos weren’t so bone-chillingly disturbing.

A thread was posted about these videos on RR, but for some reason a moderator stepped out of nowhere and locked the thread for… well… for pretty much no reason.
Here’s his first video.

Nice move, dipshit… Getting in the way of a high speed pursuit so we can hear you say dumbshit things like “fuck yeah”, “go get ’em boy!” and “yeeeea”.
Here’s a great video of the geek’s supersweet siren box install – in his glove compartment.

It goes beyond interfering with police chases.

Here’s a video of his very nerdy, VERY illegal ‘patrol’ vehicle – at least he had the sense to shoot it in a parking garage and not out in public – probably too afraid of the homeboys icing him for being a cop wannabe, or just embarassed.

And now, he’re the icing on this cake…. what do you do when you’ve got your car decked out with illegal lighting? Why, you weave around in traffic at night with your lights on! (complete with whacker music).
So, are these guys real cops? Of course not! Some Hamsexy members tried to send them messages through YouTube (on the videos that haven’t had comments blocked). Skiatook911, who is a police dispatcher, was met with this message from him:

Thanks for the comments, wow i give you high praise for being a 911 dispatcher, I’m closer than you think to becoming a peace officer, so whacker will no longer be directed towards me, but thanks for the comment anyway, idiot.

We’ve brought dangerous whackers like this to justice before. According to his YouTube profile, he lives in Santa Cruz, California. We ask the many Hamsexy members and friends who are police officers, please get these guys off the road before they get hurt or hurt others. We’ve got a few police officers on this guy’s case, so we’ll see what happens when they contact their brothers in Santa Cruz.

We will keep you all updated as we find out more information.


We had some technical difficulties, so we’ve lost the comments for this thread. Please re-post them!

We also want to thank the fine men and women at for linking to us, and helping us bring this guy to justice, or at least educate him on the dangerous errors of his ways.

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18 Responses to New Disturbing Whacker

  1. K4NNW says:

    I’m surprised that you didn’t mention the two pieces of duct tape over each license plate to further obscure this dork’s identity… Could it be that he read about how the Colorado whackers were tracked down by license plate numbers a short while ago?
    That’s my two cents worth, anyway.

  2. kitn1mcc says:

    what an ass hot. i hope he get caught

  3. n2uhc says:

    I just don’t get it… I mean, I’ll never figure out why whackers spend hundereds upon hundereds of dollars to put flashing lights & a siren on their personal vehicle, when it’s illegal for them to use those lights while driving anyway.

    If douchebags like this get shot by someone who thinks they’re cops, then that’s just Darwinism at work.

  4. BLOCKHEAD says:

    If I caught this asshat, he would go home with the lights and siren shoved way up his arse! What a jerk off!

  5. BLOCKHEAD says:

    I got a response as well:

    Allow me set things straight. First off thanks for your concern. I work security at a reputable company and these vehicles are our security patrol vehicles. Most Law Enforcement Agencies/Officers in this area know of our vehicle’s. Also this was recorded on private property just for this video, not sure why you think I am doing anything illegal as in California, vehicle code is not enforced on “Private Property” And these lights are legal on our own property, so just because we have cars similar to Police vehicles, means I will not make a good peace officer? I’ve been told by many law enforcement officers here to apply with their department, including the most recognized law enforcement agency/training academy in the U.S. the “California Highway Patrol”, I’m not gonna go any further with this email I’m glad to know that you think just because I put some videos up on a website that it would make me a bad cop. We’ll see who comes out ahead in life, so I hope yours is eventful and fun, have a great day my friend.
    P.S. Please try getting to know someone personally before making assumptions about their character and telling me ahead of time that you would not allow me to become a police officer just because of some cars and video’s. Peace

    This boy just doesn’t get it…

  6. n2uhc says:

    If that is true, then I wonder how his employer likes him running down the highway at a high rate of speed with the flashing lights on?

    Frankly, I’ve never heard of any security company needing dozens of red/blue flashing lights or a siren on their “security patrol vehicles.”

  7. wmw1490 says:

    Please make sure those bone heads have the link to the comments. It would be good to see if any law enforcement is interested in their antics.

    If they want a career in LE then go for it….don’t just act out the fantasies to endanger us all.

  8. ve3nsv says:

    Well at least he can sing, he will be a huge hit in prison.

  9. n0loh says:

    You know this really bugs me… How come there are people that like to dress up their vehicles like police, ambulance or fire trucks? I mean, why are those professions’ vehicles always getting the glory?

    Just once, I’d like to see someone trick out their station wagon to look like a hearse, or see someone fix up their mini van to look just like an ice cream truck. You never see anyone with a Geo Metro tricked out like it’s from Domino’s Pizza, do you?

    We can call them whackers, too. They’ll respond, “Hey, I know I’m not really a funeral director, but I’ve been asked to join. I’m just saving up for Mortuary School.”

  10. n2uhc says:

    “You never see anyone with a Geo Metro tricked out like it’s from Domino’s Pizza, do you?”

    Only if it’s a Geo Metro from Domino’s Pizza.

  11. Abe says:

    LMAO this is too funny for words.

  12. kc8vwm says:

    …Gee, didn’t they teach him anything at the You Tube Rent-a-Cop academy??

    73 de Charles – KC8VWM

  13. webdoc says:

    what a couple of fewls. I hope someone gets them off the road before they get themselves or some innocent bystanders hurt. The security company excuse is bullshit. I have never seen a security company use anything other than amber lights.

  14. ki6dzu says:

    Web page to Fox News L.A. – New Story Idea

    I submitted an idea for an short piece on this lunatic. Perhaps a small public uprising will help them take interest.

  15. kc8vwm says:

    Well what gets me is the guy says he uses the lights on “private property” but he’s seen in one of the videos chasing a car in “hot pursuit” at over 100+ MPH on the highway.

    It’s a known fact that invoking such “flight or fight” response with the occupants of the vehicles he is chasing only serves as a significant added danger to others driving on the road. In fact, even the “real police” have backed off on many chases because of that fact alone.

    What a nutcase. They should pull his security license. He’s certainly not deserving of the title “peace officer” since he is conducting himself with such disregard for the general public driving on highways like that.

    No common sense. A complete disregard for other peoples safety.

    None.. Nada..

  16. k6mfw says:

    Santa Cruz, not far from where I live (I used to live in that area so I’m familar with all the roads). Maybe I can do some recon and if I spot them, should I take a photo of their license plate and post it here? But them I have other more important things to do.

    Perhaps we can start a new class of whackers. Geometros tricked out as a Dominos pizza delivery complete with light bars, wigwags, etc. 100+mph? Man, we gots a lotta dudes demanding a lot of pizza, it’s has to be delivered and I mean like now! Actually there is a raging fire nearby (Lick fire in mountains behind Morgan Hill). Pizza is very important logistical element for guys on the fireline. They also had a DC-10 doing fire retardent drops (Tanker 910). yeah I know, getting offtopic, typical hamsexy.

  17. Paul Blart says:

    A security guard = window washer = gas pumper = proctologist = you or me. In other words, they have NO authority of any kind to make arrests, use red/blue lights, or do ANYTHING other than dial 911 and call the police like everyone else. Remember, Observe and Report! [Paul Blart, Mall Cop]

    This guy belongs in jail. He’s the very dangerous kind of scum that will pull a female driver over late at night, in his fake uniform, under fake authority and rape her.

  18. Tyler London says:

    In the future could you post screnshots of the videos or post your own copies on youtube? So much whackerness has been lost forever due to youtube videos and linked photos being taken down.

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