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Hamsexy Net – Wednesday, November 21

I will make my return as net controller of the weekly Hamsexy Net this wednesday! People wishing to sign into the net can do so either through IRLP on the Vancouver Reflector, node 9008, or through echolink in the *VAN-IRLP* … Continue reading

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Youtube Idiot of the year

I know we only feature amateur radio and whacker related stuff on Hamsexy, but this link was posted in the Hamsexy forums and it deserves the wide recognition of this mental midget. This guy, Youtube user name Wood2WouldNot, aside … Continue reading

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While we at Hamsexy tend to poke fun, and even go out of our way to bring “whackers” to justice, this piece is for everyones education, to keep you ALIVE. This YL is installing her first antenna she made herself, … Continue reading

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One of our forum guys posted this link for the perusal of our members: The site features an unremarkable yet strangely over-the-top Caprice setup for some volly firefighter slash stormchaser slash wardriver slash copier repairman he has named “The … Continue reading

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New IARU bandplan threatens AM

The following message is n behalf of the AM Forum team at, reprinted here as a courtesy and to get their message out. Please take a few minutes to consider what follows — some concerns a number of us … Continue reading

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