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The Infamous W0AJA solderjob

For WWF/WWE fans, you obviously know all about the Montreal Screwjob, where officials manipulated the scripted end of a championship bout between Brett Hart and Shawn Michaels where Hart lost his belt. Well, folks … here it is… the infamous … Continue reading

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Reversal of our ‘polite request policy’

Goooood day Hamsexy!! Last month, A.J. Ayers W0AJA, through our Polite Request Policy, asked that some stories posted to Hamsexy in December 2013 referencing a disagreement he had with the seller of an electronics kit be removed from this site, … Continue reading

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Yes, hams shop at Wal-Mart….

And once again, a ham makes the pages of People of Walmart.

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ARES sexy

Anonymous writes: “N5TMZ Brazoria County Texas REACT – ARES – SKYWARN – ‘and whatever else is happening member’ Stickers Keep It Together, When The $hit Gets Real!!!”

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Anybody still read this site? 🙂

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Craigslist Sexy

Purple is a good colour… (Click for bigger)

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More photos from Dayton

Some of our kind readers have submitted some photos from Dayton. Keep them coming! As always, click for bigger. Hottest girl at Dayton… Take a number, gents! Fat hams full of fried food and nowhere to shit it out? Hara … Continue reading

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The shit volcano at Dayton

Okay…. Armageddon didn’t happen as planned, but at the Dayton Hamfest today, it seemed very likely that at least one of the plagues was being imposed by a vengeful God on the Amateur Radio community. Our contacts at Dayton witnessed … Continue reading

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