Caitlyn Martin Returns…

So I happily go check the post office today for whatever mail that has shown up since just before the new year. The lady at the counter tells me that I have a certified letter from a lawyers office in Wisconsin or something. Being the curious sort (and hopeful that I had a rich relative die, leaving me a ton of cash) I accepted and opened the letter.

The Letter

My thought… “Whatever”. My statements were based off of the criminal complaint (public record) that was searched off the internet. In compliance, my original post was removed. But my final message on the subject is as follows.

“You have nothing on me. Thank you for killing a tree on my behalf. Perhaps you should focus more on representing your client in the pending criminal complaint against her instead of sending ‘hate-mail’ to someone because of their opinions on the internet.”


*EDIT*  Comments By N3JFW: I have friends that are transgendered.  The issue here is NOT someone being a tranny, nor has it ever been.  I wish people would stop using transgendered status as a crutch.  (Sorry for editing your post James, I just had to add my thoughts)

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