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British RAYNET Whacker

From M3ECM Spied recently at a RAYNET (British “ARES”) event was this whacker mobile. Sporting a very hamsexy “RAYNET” board bolted to the roof rack, complete with the ultra-bright-no-whacker-should leave-the-house-without-one orange rotating beacon. Not content with one antenna, he has … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Net Tonight!

Its that time again. Check into the hamsexy net tonight on *VAN-IRLP* or node 256919 for Echolink and 9008 for IRLP. K3WHO Jason KI6LWI Jay KA4VFD Matt KC8TCQ VE6PWT Robert KC8ZLK Daniel k3stp Bruce

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Hamsexy Net 10/10/2007

Here are the checkins. KC8TCQ Keith KB3AWQ John KA4VFD Matt KD7NGK Robert VE6PWT Robert

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US amateur nailed for jamming Canadian repeater

From: US Amateur fined by FCC for malicious interference to VE7RPT Repeater Months of hard work tracking various sources of malicious interference directed at the VE7RPTrepeater, owned and operated by the BCFMCA and located on Mt Seymour, have finally … Continue reading

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Hamsexy Net Tonight!!!!

Well everyone, it looks like I can run the net tonight. Sorry the announcement is late, but please check in. 9:00PM Eastern on *VAN-IRLP* or 256919 on echolink. ┬áHere are the checkins KA4VFD Matt KD7NGK Robert – Don’t forget about … Continue reading

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