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Child Molester wanting to be a VE

Howard Roux (AA4RX) showed up at a exam session wanting to be a VE..  He would have been helped into doing so but…… He’s a registered sex offender who has possessed kiddy porn. Here’s a link to his sex offender … Continue reading

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Update to Disgraced RACES/ARES Member

Another submission came in, appearantly there are multiple people from that RACES/ARES group who are in legal trouble, First up: Guy H Merrill whos awaiting trial for impersonating police and pulling over/robbing prostitutes:  Story is here  

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Disgraced RACES/ARES Member sent to prison for murder

This news story was submitted to us: He’s a active (soon formerly active) member of ARES/RACES and apparently was previously charged with making bomb threats and criminal damage.   He was sentenced to life. His callsign is KD8ORM One has … Continue reading

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Ham Rovers

Someone sent in some pictures of the several ham rover vehicles:     A different rover here’s a link to their website: k1ra website    

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