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Image gallery is back up!!

After pissing about for the past few months, we’ve finally put the Hamsexy Image Archives back online!! Rather than fuss with some sort of local bullshit, we’ve swallowed our pride and decided to let the fine people at Flickr host … Continue reading

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A followup to the “Fake Cop” Story…?

The following was posted to the comment section of this story we published earlier this month: – regarding the man Michael McKean (not David St. Hubbins) who was arrested for impersonation and drug possession: Firt of all McKean was … Continue reading

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Funny REACTion

It seems Clyde’s article on Don Valley REACT didn’t go un-noticed, the least of which on members of the group themselves. Visitors to the Don Valley REACT website are greeted with an old-school scrolling Marquee that reads: Seasons’ Greetings – … Continue reading

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Saddam Execution Video

LINK #1 (Google Video): LINK #2 (Liveleak):  Just in case you haven’t seen it yet and are curious like the rest of us morbid sheep.  Nothing to do with Ham Radio per sey, just a footnote to history.

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Some REACT photos

An anonymous submitter sent us these photos from a group he claims to belong to, DON VALLEY REACT from somewhere up in Canada. It seems they know how to whack it up there in the great, white north.Our submitter writes: … Continue reading

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Youtube Whacker

Yo… Dr. Whacker here….. Thanks to the geeks on Radioreference, I have stumbled across this gem. OMG what have you done? Earned yourself a place on the front page of Hamsexy, brother. *That* is a classic case of light … Continue reading

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Morse Code hits the news

It seems the Morse Code debate has hit the mainstream media. Daily Democrat, Woodland, California Minnesota Public Radio PR Newswire Reuters New York Times Washington Post Daily India Star News, Wilmington, DE International Herald Tribune  Slashdot Detroit News, Detroit, … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

To our friends, enemies and hangers-on…. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And, if you celebrate something other than Christmas, tough shit. Have fun today with all the stores closed, suckers! From Bryan, Seth and all … Continue reading

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