Amateur Radio Newsline site hacked

Thanks to our own KC9ECI for pointing this one out….

It seems, for some reason, the website for the Amateur Radio Newsline has been hacked. KC9ECI reports that, as of around 7:30 ET tonight, the site’s URL was redirecting visitors to

Bill Pasternak WA6ITF has posted a bulletin regarding the hack:

Actualy, the term “was hacked for a few minutes” is far more apropos.

We (ARNewsline, Inc.) use a web hosing company that provides real time monitoring of our site by “live” personnel. When the intrusion was noted, the source was electronically investigated and traced. As soon as the hackers originating IP was found, our site was secured and taken off-line.

It could have been taken off a bit earlier, but we are rather eager to catch the hacker (which in this case might just happen). And yes: If th person can be identified we will ask the he/she be prosecuted. should be back up in a few hours – or less. Hopefully in time for the release of the next newscast Friday morning EDT. If not, the text version will be posted here on and the audio will be on the phone lines.

Our promise: One way or another, the news of ham radio you are awaiting will be delivered.

Thank you for your continuing support of the Amateur Radio Newsline. It is truly appreciated.

Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF
ARNewsline, Inc.

Why a hacker would choose ARN to ply his trade, I don’t know… But I suppose it can happen to anyone.

More news will come as it develops!

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2 Responses to Amateur Radio Newsline site hacked

  1. k0den says:

    huh…thats a head scratcher

  2. Lenny says:

    If someone was to hack newsline, what would be the reason?
    Think about someone doing an imitation of the Newsline voice, but delivering some insane bogus ham radio news. That may have gotten some undies in a bunch.

    I believe it was a wasted effort.


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