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Brampton Hamfest

Today I went to HAMEX 2007, sponsored by the Peel Amateur Radio Club and the Mississauga Amateur Radio Club in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.  I meant to get there at 9am at opening, but I was delayed and didn’t get to … Continue reading

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Hamsexy net 3/28/2007

Once again another net came and went. We had a good list of checkins and several new checkins. Keep the checkins coming. Checkins include, KG4TFI N8FQ W8JUZ KE4NOY KI4HEE KI4MOT N5API KC8RYW VE6PWT KC0RBC W9ZRO K3BM K4VFR N4GP KB9LXM KI4LCH KI4ET … Continue reading

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The FOY Manifesto

Brad posted this earlier.  I thought the hamsexy audience would enjoy it.  I believe : -the Constitution should be the ONLY law of the land, anything thats not expressly listed should NOT be law, NO EXCEPTIONS, NO COMPROMISE. -personal liberties … Continue reading

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Caught red handed….

“teh r0f of teh astors” sent us video, from the surveillance system from the TD Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Apparantly in Winnipeg, you can legally use planters as your own personal toilet. It seems that this fellow felt the need … Continue reading

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Cut lightbar sexy

Tim K8TEK submitted this find on the Hamsexy Forums…. and what a find… (click on image for larger) Tim writes: I was at a sporting goods store, and parked next to this jem.The lightbar is A Code3 MX7000 with the … Continue reading

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Hamsexy net – March 14, 2007

Yet another net is in the history books. The topic for tonight’s net was: do you, or do you intend to, use the recently released Windows Vista operating system? Some people love it, others think it’s a steaming pile of … Continue reading

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Funny ARES message

A contact with Dufferin ARES (which is somewhere in Canada), sent us this message, which was sent to all members: I received a call from the works department today enquiring if I knew of an amateur who owns a blue … Continue reading

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Hamsexy DC Meet ’07

Another meet in the great Capital Region of Washington DC. There was a good group of us from all over the Northeast together for some good food and good times at the Mongolian BBQ in Bethesda. We also got to … Continue reading

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