It’s That Time of Year for The Weather Whackers to Show-up

Several members have sent us links to video of prospective weather spotters gone whacker. Below, we present the links, you decide for yourself, whacker or not? (Removed?)

Edit by KD8CPP: Edited the first link to work, at least for my computer also, and made both clickable.


It also looks like the first video has been removed. If anyone has a copy of it, PM me on the forums or email the submissions email, and I’m sure someone can get it posted.

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6 Responses to It’s That Time of Year for The Weather Whackers to Show-up

  1. KB7PST says:


    Good grief, wonder what their Christmas trees look like.

    Love how in the first video he dumps his “base” scanner on the floor while he’s talking – great mounting job there, bub. That’s going to be a projectile if he ever gets in an accident, and with the attitude he’s showing with those lights, it’s more of a possibility.


  2. kf4lne says:

    I love Christmas decorations. Those guys even put lights on their cars. They should really consider getting women, that would put a quick stop that sort of thing. Women don’t like antennas and funny lights.

  3. K4NNW says:

    BGK-8419… Unlike most whackers, this guy didn’t blur out (or tape over) his license plate. But then again, I don’t know the light laws where they are. Oh well, with installs like that, they could belong to VT Parking Services.
    That scanner ‘install’ is right ugly, too. Just wait ’til he tries to look at the display.

  4. w5gm says:

    Ok, The S-10 get my wackerific vote.. I like the base scanner install too.. I didn’t see any ham radio gear, so I am forced to assume this clown is one of those “roadside assistant” whackers..

  5. KI4VEU says:

    All I can say is “WHACKERIFIC!”

  6. Rijndael says:

    Well you guys might know lots about scanners ‘n stuff but you don’t know much ’bout spelling. Where I come from a wether is a castrated male sheep, maybe a goat. Whereas what ya’ll talking about is the weather! Sheesh, city slicker word whackers…

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