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Announcement: is not part of Hamsexy

Just to set the record straight…. Neither the management of nor the Hamsexy Facebook group (which are pretty much the same thing) have anything to do with the person claiming to ‘bring back Hamsexy.’ It’s sad that we even … Continue reading

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Hot off the Whacker News Wire…

(Story comes to Hamsexy from WBNS 10TV – original story here.) ONTARIO, Ohio — A man who investigators said was impersonating a police officer was arrested when officers caught him in the act, 10TV News reported Friday. The most recent … Continue reading

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Random photo submission…

This photo was emailed to me today by a friend of the site. I think it sums up Dayton PERFECTLY. Click on the image for a “larger” size… hell, in this case, it’s XXXXXL. I’ll post more of my own … Continue reading

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The Infamous “DWI Hunter” Whacker Mobile…

I’ve seen this sexy beast many many times in and around Queens. Last Friday, after locking my keys in my Jeep (don’t ask) and waiting for a tow truck, I spotted the elusive target in the same lot. He didn’t … Continue reading

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See you all in Thirty Days!

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Hamsexy Meetup this Sunday, October 29th!

Okay, hamsexuals… there’s going to be a small gathering of Hamsexy members in the holiest of holy lands, Schaumberg, Illinois. Beers and wings will be consumed, pictures will be taken, fun will be had. Please come out if you’re in … Continue reading

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More ARES madness…

Am I the only one who thinks the following email message that was forwarded to me is HILARIOUS? “To All: At the request of the American Red Cross in Greater New York, as of 3:30 this afternoon ARES was placed … Continue reading

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Whackin’ it up in Queens

While walking to the subway tonight, I stumbled upon this gem. I’ve seen this whacker around before, but I’ve never been able to catch a photo… until now. Check out the rainbow “KEEP CLEAR 200 FT” on the rear of … Continue reading

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