British RAYNET Whacker

From M3ECM
Spied recently at a RAYNET (British “ARES”) event was this whacker
mobile. Sporting a very hamsexy “RAYNET” board bolted to the roof rack,
complete with the
ultra-bright-no-whacker-should leave-the-house-without-one orange rotating beacon.

Not content with one antenna, he has a total of four:
Dual band 144/433MHz colinear (magmount)
Loaded HF vertical (bolted to roof rack)
70MHz quarter wave whip (magmount)
last and almost certainly least, an on-glass scanner antenna. Make your own mind up, but this guy is a total whack-job – ex british police and also was a member of St. John Ambulance….

Also spotted was this Rover with a “State of Georgia” plate on the front.

Clicky to biggie

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