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Recently Heard On The Hamsexy Forums

Some of the topics that have been currently discussed on the forums: Hamsexy Part 97 Frequency Coordinator Survival Podcast and Some Nut Talking Amateur Radio A Discussion on What Happened When an Individual Decided to Link to a Members Ebay … Continue reading

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One Amateur’s Rant

Posted in the forums by one of our members, we decided that this too good not to share. Like many of us, I got interested in radio after 9/11. Add to that a measure of frustration with the cell phone … Continue reading

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Amateur Radio Scholarships Available

From time to time we at Hamsexy try to be serious (yeah right) about amateur radio and the good things provided. Well here is one of those times. Please read the below press release from The Foundation for Amateur Radio, … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of Year for The Weather Whackers to Show-up

Several members have sent us links to video of prospective weather spotters gone whacker. Below, we present the links, you decide for yourself, whacker or not? (Removed?) Edit by KD8CPP: Edited the first link to work, at least for my … Continue reading

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Scholarship Announcement

So you think all we are about is laughing at ourselves and our fellow amateurs? Well on occasion, we highlight items that help the amateur community as well. And since one of our members is the President of The Foundation … Continue reading

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Tulsa Wackers

Courtesy of one of our forum members, there appears to be a pair of hams that are husband and wife in the Tulsa, OK area that drive a green mustang with lights in the deck and stobes as well. what … Continue reading

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