More Skywarn Lameness….

Because you asked for it, here are more Skywarn douche chills, brought to you by the fine folks at the Skywarn Online message forums.

Here’s a video by a weather whacker who is in serious denial. First of all, he claims that his car isn’t supposed to to look like an emergency vehicle, yet he has pointless emergency lighting displayed prominently in what he determines to be an “ideal flash pattern.” Flash pattern for what…. letting the Wall Clouds know you’re coming and to make way?

Look…. Storm Chasers are no different than any other breed of whacker out there, and here’s why: civilians, especially those with such pointless hobbies as “storm chasing”, have no more rights on the road than anyone else. If you feel the need to pull over to take photos of a funnel cloud, then put your four-ways on. The *only* purpose emergency lights serve on ‘storm chaser’ cars is the ‘hey, look at me’ factor… the same reason they plaster their car with “STORM SPOTTER” decals, license plates, etc. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Here’s a lemon wearing a condom to explain it further:


Here’s another stormchaser truck, this time with a huge ugly lightbar.

All that’s missing the rainbow flag, and it’s ready for the pride parade.

Here’s another video from Youtube, complete with some pretty dangerously mounted equipment.

This setup is proof that these weather nerds have never been anywhere near a real storm. Look at where those CB radios are mounted, with what appears to be a single screw on each side of a flimsy bracket mount. Any sort of good sized jolt will send those fuckers into someone’s skull. And what’s with the “SEVERE STORM COMMUNICATIONS” logo on the window… severe douche chills indeed.

The owner of the above truck is part of a couple of buddies who call themselves… get ready for this… SWAT… “Severe Weather Alert Team”. Isn’t that precious? I bet they wear matching uniforms, too. For info, here’s their Myspace page.

If you’ve got more info in these or any other Whacker stories, email us!

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12 Responses to More Skywarn Lameness….

  1. W9JAB says:

    is it just me that the photos are not loading for?

  2. n0loh says:

    I saw the videos fine.

    I gotta love the blue “Pride Parade” entry. What’s that in the bed? Let’s see… I made out a fire extinguisher laying on its side, some tangled-up rope and a blanket in bad need of some laundering. “A boy could have a fun night in Kansas City with this shit.”

  3. wmw1490 says:

    I am glad he clarified that was the driver’s side he was entering…jeez, I thought I was in England and seeing a defective car. Same for the radar…good thing he told me it came from the Internet as I was straining my eyes to find the doppler antenna on his car. OMG…a GPS is used for locating your position, now that has to be a new use for that bit of electronics. I’m glad he uses the amateur radio to keep in touch with amateurs. Having a wife is unbelievable as she must be doing the cable guy while this whacker is on patrol. Any Blues Brothers type would also have God on his side and it appears that is his other friend (besides the rent to own furniture store manager).

  4. wmw1490 says:

    Blue truck–extreme close up went out of style in Wayne’s World.

  5. wmw1490 says:

    I used to think guys born without a penis were called girls…not true, after seeing these those that are not girls are whacker/wannabe stormchasers.

    Even on the discovery channel those nimrods that act like they are “real” (especially on the radio) crack me up. I’d love to see any of them with balls to do a single ride stop at 2am in any ghetto or back woods road.

  6. k2thz says:

    From the “SWAT” (or maybe “TWAT”?) MySpace page:

    “HOWEVER,pending on how strong the storm(s) are,we chase them down. We love core punching (which is *HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED BY THE NWS*),but in order for them to know that what they are looking at on radar is actually happening in the field,we can supply them with nexrad data that what they see is happening.This helps them in turn to issue watches and warnings alot more accurate.”

    Let’s see: maybe if you learned how to write and spell properly, a few uninformed people might actually take you seriously. For a minute. Could we add “spelling/grammar FAIL” to the Whackometer?? That seems to be a common thread with whackers…

    Last time I checked, NEXRAD data came from the NWS, not delusionally-self-important whack-job skywarn spotters who’ve appointed themselves the NWS’s official core-punchers.

    When you “chase down” a storm, what do you do with it? They must be awfully tough to get a lasso around.

  7. wmw1490 says:

    The real problem is any profession, such as legitimate researchers “storm chasing” to deploy scientific instruments there will always be a set of nimrods that miss that point. Same for police, fire or any other public safety function–they see one element of the job and latch onto that as their “hey look at me” angle. These people could not perform any scientific analysis on real storm data (let alone collect any data following a disciplined approach) nor perform a real public safety function. 100% of this is feeding their twisted egos and 0% contribution to society.

  8. n4ems says:

    Ok, I know I am going to go against the grain here, but, in all reality, what is the issue? So you get some who-who’s out that want to run around with blinking yellow lights on the car. So what. I have been in public safety in one form or another for almost 20 years and I have never had one of these so called “whackers” get in my way. IF they were on a scene, they were doing whatever was asked of them and were more than happy to help. I can’t help but get a sense that a good number of the people who wish to ridicule these people are somehow threatened by them. That somehow, a guy riding in his Jeep with his Jetsonic on top, or any other vehicle you want to mention, is out to undermine the scope and practice of public safety officials around the world! Maybe it’s a Masonic conspiracy! That’s it! Masons! They are infiltrating the ham radio world in an super secret mission to take over the world by blinding the civilization with it’s flashing yellow light of knowledge! Sounds pretty ridiculous doesn’t it. Just about as ridiculous as some of the posts I have read. Please, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Ham Sexy as some of the stuff is just downright funny. Poking fun at one’s self is one thing, blindly disgracing someone for there belief in acting upon a sense of community service is altogether different. You know, I was a “whacker” back in the day….(that just sounds SO wrong)….and have almost 20 years of professional, paid public service under my belt as a result. Oh yeah, I am a Mason AND a ham as well so you better watch out….blink, blink,blink. 🙂

  9. n4ems says:

    Ok, just one more thing…since I am making a whacker mobile, just for shits and grins, would the garage I keep it in be called the Whack Shack? Just wondering. :O

  10. n0loh says:

    I’ve learned in my experience to listen to a lemon with a condom.

    Whack Shack… maybe we could open a nationwide chain of stores selling lights, etc.

  11. Matt says:

    I understand most of this and I agree to some. I also chase storms. I generally work with another friend. Both of us Hams. He has 20 years experience. We use a small teardrop shaped yellow light. I usually only use it when I pull over in a low vis situation. We relay important info to the weather service of Cleveland. Also I carry a chainsaw, a pair of railroad jacks, straps and chains to help clear roads and remove trees. I have stopped chasing several times to help people in need. That’s why some of us chase. To help the public and give the weather service the info that radar can’t

  12. Not all storm chasers act this way. In fact i see some storm spotters doing the same thing, with Skywarn logo all over their truck or car. parked in a NO U turn zone on a freeway. So i guess in the world of weather we will get all kind of bad people who should not be going it, OR give us a bad name. But you cant suggest all storm chasers or spotters are bad. Remember Skywarn use’s lots of infomaton when teaching gotten by Storm Chasers. But i do agree NO Storm Chaser or spotter needs a flashing lightbar or added lights, 4 ways work just fine. But you know they want to look COOOL

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