Funny REACTion

It seems Clyde’s article on Don Valley REACT didn’t go un-noticed, the least of which on members of the group themselves.

Visitors to the Don Valley REACT website are greeted with an old-school scrolling Marquee that reads:

Seasons’ Greetings – Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, all the best in 2007 – and a special welcome to all our hamsexy visitors, thanks to clyde mcphail PS: We apologize to Chief Molyneaux for the disrespectful treatment of his picture at the hands of clyde mcphail of hamsexy, we hereby publicly demand that mr clyde mcphail publicly apologize to Chief Molyneaux on the hamsexy web site for such childish, crude, boorish, unbecoming treatment of an honourable municipal Fire Chief with a long standing, distinguished career. PPS: We suspect and have reasons to believe that mr. mcphail actually pilfered the copyrighted original pictures from this web site and submitted his supposed “article” under the guise of an anonymous “submission”, yeah right!

I spoke to Clyde regarding this, and he assures me that the submission and the attached photos didn’t come from him – they came from someone claiming to be a member. Clyde lives in the US, and doesn’t know much about REACT groups up here in Canada. No one here at Hamsexy HQ knows anyone in Don Valley REACT, so we’ll have to take our submitter’s word for it. We’ve got other photos not posted on the website that we’ll post later if we feel it’s worth it.
They claim that “Cheif Molyneaux” was embarrassed by appearing on Hamsexy. I’m sure the crew of Don Valley REACT noticed that all faces were blurred out, and that Chief Molyneaux’s identity was well hidden until they decided to blow the whole deal and identify him. Nice move. To be honest, I didn’t really know who they were talking about until I looked REALLY close at one of the photos and saw that one of the indistinct figures with the blacked out face was wearing a slightly different hat and shoulder patch than the REACT team. I guess that was him, I dunno. I guess DVREACT was embarassed to see their photos on our site, and tried to accuse us of defaming some fire chief we’ve never heard of. I dunno.

Happy new year everyone!!

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5 Responses to Funny REACTion

  1. X9F says:

    How could these assclowns be embarrassed of their pictures/faces being made public, WHEN THEY ARE FEATURED WITH A GROUP PHOTO in the JANUARY 2007 POPULAR COMMUNICATIONS magazine on PAGE 69?

    If I had a page scanner, I would post it for everyone to see.

    Tools! What’s next? Threats of a lawsuit?

  2. ku4my says:

    If Chief Molyneaux did not associate with a rag tag band of wacker fags, guess what, he wouldn’t have become a ‘star’. So when the hell are they going to outlaw REACT up there anyway? Don’t you guys get that ass hat Dog, the Bounty Hunter up there? Can’t they just stay home and watch telly like most well behave middle classed lard assed wannabes?

  3. webdoc says:

    There was a react wacker around here a few years ago, at accident scenes he would pull over turn his amber wacker light on and proceed to try to boss the EMS and Fire crews around.

    The sad part about that was, the formet police chief of my home town (whole 800 people) helped start the react team that wacker was a member of.

    The team later on restructured, and for the most part all they did was the holiday coffee breaks, no wacker lights, no police uniforms.

  4. VE3HBD says:

    X9F: I think they already threatened to kill us…!!

  5. 8617 says:

    I cannot speak for or about any of the member of the Don Valley REACT team, but I’m a member of REACT in my own home town, and we have a very good working relationship with our local police, fire, and EMS.

    When I say a good working relationship I mean that we don’t interfere in their business unless our assistance is requested, which on average happens 2-3 times per month. We have some equipemnt that helps them do their jobs better, and when required they call us and we help them in whatever way they request.. Although we do use amber lights on our vehicles, we try to keep it low key (not visible when not in use), and only use them when neccessary (example if parked at a police road baracade, so that people do not drive into our vehicle).

    I guess my point is that there are some REACT teams that are very proffessional and work WITH emergency organizations. I cannot speak about or for any other teams, but I don’t think REACT as a whole should be painted in a negative light. It sounds like a lot of negative words are used to describe REACT as a whole, and I think that is too general of a statement.

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