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One Amateur’s Rant

Posted in the forums by one of our members, we decided that this too good not to share. Like many of us, I got interested in radio after 9/11. Add to that a measure of frustration with the cell phone … Continue reading

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New IARU bandplan threatens AM

The following message is n behalf of the AM Forum team at, reprinted here as a courtesy and to get their message out. Please take a few minutes to consider what follows — some concerns a number of us … Continue reading

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The FOY Manifesto

Brad posted this earlier.  I thought the hamsexy audience would enjoy it.  I believe : -the Constitution should be the ONLY law of the land, anything thats not expressly listed should NOT be law, NO EXCEPTIONS, NO COMPROMISE. -personal liberties … Continue reading

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Funny REACTion

It seems Clyde’s article on Don Valley REACT didn’t go un-noticed, the least of which on members of the group themselves. Visitors to the Don Valley REACT website are greeted with an old-school scrolling Marquee that reads: Seasons’ Greetings – … Continue reading

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Lest we Forget

Today is November 11th – Veteran’s Day in the USA and Remembrance Day in Canada. It’s the day that we all take a few moments on the 11th hour to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name … Continue reading

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Response from KR4WM re: Morally Bankrupt

Here’s an op-ed piece from the subject of the “VOIP=Morally Bankrupt” thread featured last week – by the subject of the piece, K4WRM. Go ahead Web, the repeater is yours: OK, after careful consideration, I’ve decided that “morally bankrupt” was … Continue reading

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