Merry Christmas


To our friends, enemies and hangers-on…. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And, if you celebrate something other than Christmas, tough shit. Have fun today with all the stores closed, suckers!
From Bryan, Seth and all of the Hamsexy staff!!

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20 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. WesternHam says:

    WTF…?! Is that Spock doing “something” to Kirk? WTF has that picture got to do with Christmas? Man…just a little risky for the Chrismas season for me. I know, I know…that’s what this site is all about. Sorry, just lost my head.

  2. n3jfw says:

    Kirk needs a bigger belly

  3. ad4xe says:

    You gotta remember Seth, there are three Kirks.
    KIRK-1 Star Trek 60’s
    KIRK-3 Boston Legal

    That’s Kirk-1

  4. n3jfw says:

    60’s kirk
    that expains the free love anything goes scene then….

  5. n3jfw says:

    BTW-Did you catch when they roasted him on comedy central? Dude, I cracked up when he refered to himself s William Tiberius Shatner…

  6. K8TEK says:

    How about a holiday unbanning?

  7. ad4xe says:

    Dude, the holiday roast rocked, I about fell out of may chair when Zulu started his rant.

  8. VE3HBD says:

    WesternHam – Get a sense of humour!!

  9. k0mmt says:

    I always thought Vulcans were slightly effiminate and everyone knows Kirk would nail anything.

  10. KC8EMH says:

    Disgracing the images of geeklords like Kirk & Spock? If I were a Vulcan I would have an emotional expression on my face for 0.0000012 Seconds. Fortunately, my human half acknowledges your need for humorous expression. Happy Holidays, whomans. And I hope the lot of you will be upgrading with all that code bull&*%$#@ out of the way.

  11. n0xmz says:

    Now I have to do a quick “scroll down” at work to avoid the embarassment of having my co-workers see this pic of Kirk and Spock cuddling. Thanks guys!

  12. ad4xe says:

    I have a co-worker who’s a Trekie. He was chating with me at my desk when he say that picture on my computer screen, I think he’s now mentally scared for life.

  13. JohnnyGalaga says:

    And then there’s Kirk # 4…the priceline high-heels commercial.

  14. kc2jns says:

    This is what happens when they drop the code requirements..

  15. VE3HBD says:


    So.. no coders will start posting homoerotic star trek Christmas cards on 80m…?

  16. ad4xe says:

    They’ll start sending them via SSTV!

  17. w8juz says:

    oh boy KC2JNS, I think you just opened a can of worms you dont want to open, believe me, I KNOW!!!

  18. VE3HBD says:


    But only on the CW band of SSTV.


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