Saddam Execution Video

LINK #1 (Google Video):

LINK #2 (Liveleak):

 Just in case you haven’t seen it yet and are curious like the rest of us morbid sheep.

 Nothing to do with Ham Radio per sey, just a footnote to history.

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9 Responses to Saddam Execution Video

  1. k8mhz says:

    For some reason I have no desire to see even the worst of us be put to death.

    Perhaps it is a flaw, forgive me, but I am only human.

  2. K8TEK says:

    What a terrible video.

    Poor lighting, audio, no tripod!!

  3. VE3HBD says:

    Tim: I agree. Definitley not broadcast quality.

    They should be ashamed of themselves! I guess we bombed all their tripods too 🙂

  4. N8FQ says:

    The description on the second link says it’s a cellphone video. The “official” one (which hasn’t (yet) been released in its entirety) was recorded by a professional using an HDTV camera, and is of much higher quality. Clips have been shown on the news networks.

    I’ll show how much of a pussy I am and say I’m glad his neck was snapped instantly, rather than having him writhe around as he chokes to death. Though the latter might be more entertaining to watch.

  5. K3BM says:

    Personally I think the man should have been buried in the ground, up to his neck and each relative of a victim should have been given a marble and let them all have a shot at him.

    With all the victims, he would have at least had a taste of what he did to them.
    I am all for humane treatment of prisoners, but I also think you reap what you sow, and he got off far to lucky.

  6. kg4foy says:

    I’m not going to lie about it…

    Swinging like a pendulum of dead weight…..

    I’d have rather seen them put the noose around the back of his neck rather than the side, seeing that piece of shit swinging around kicking and slowly choking would have been much more satisfying…..

  7. w8juz says:

    Well, people over their believe in Karma, and he got what was coming to him!

  8. cyclops111670 says:

    Hmmm…is it me or did they mis-place the noose? I thought it was supposed to hit right behind the left ear. Looks to me like they placed it in front.

    Good drop though…at least they didn’t yank his head off.

  9. ki4hee says:

    It’s great that this is now just yesterdays news about a man who is now nothing more than decaying meat. So long Saddam. Thanks Hamsexy for the unfiltered view.

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