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Whacker nerds get investigated by the police

It turns out we weren’t the only ones surprised and disgusted by the actions of the three emergency response nerds in Colorado. It got the attention of local news media, and Colorado police. View the video for the full … Continue reading

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Whacker shoots at cops

This is HAMSEXY BREAKING NEWS! ¬†As posted by Steve KC5SAS on the Hamsexy Forums, famous REACT whacker and past feature on this site Col. Paul Broussard is in a little bit of trouble, accused of firing upon police officers outside … Continue reading

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A letter from the Spires camp

We got a letter today regarding Wayne Spires and his sojourn up the ham tower: Hi Bryan, this is Wayne’s son-in-law. Wayne wanted me to thank you for your support. While this isn’t currently about ham radio, it could be … Continue reading

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A followup to the “Fake Cop” Story…?

The following was posted to the comment section of this story we published earlier this month: – regarding the man Michael McKean (not David St. Hubbins) who was arrested for impersonation and drug possession: Firt of all McKean was … Continue reading

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