Youtube Whacker

light.jpgYo… Dr. Whacker here…..

Thanks to the geeks on Radioreference, I have stumbled across this gem.

OMG what have you done? Earned yourself a place on the front page of Hamsexy, brother.

*That* is a classic case of light overkill. The guy claims to do “traffic control” in Texas… whatever the hell that is. The truck looks like an Italian roofing contractor’s truck, not any sort of emergency truck I’ve ever seen. Pathetic with a capital W.

Can you say whacker?

I knew you could.

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3 Responses to Youtube Whacker

  1. lone77wulf says:

    This looks like the guys around here who do “wide load” escorts. They usually have no clue what so ever as to how traffic laws work, and do what ever the hell they want, because the “lights will fix it all”

  2. vk2qq says:

    Around here, Traffic Control is run by contractors who provide traffic management around roadwork sites. Judging by the stack of orange cones in the back of his truck, his duties might be similar.

    Worse than this blokes fixation on flashing lights, is the number of compliments he received for them on the Tube site. What name is there for Fans of Whackers?

    Since we have deviated from Hams to Whackers, I’m going to have to send you some photos of dinkum Aussie utes. There’s a few around here that would be a talking point.

  3. n2uhc says:

    I could swear that I saw blue lights on the front & rear of that truck in that video. How is that legal, even for “traffic control?”

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