For those who think that Extras are ‘better’ operators…

We present to you Anthony AE2NY (formerly W8ANT…. yes – the same guy who told an Air Force C-130 to go pound sand when they tried to check into a SATERN emergency net during Hurricane Katrina), proving that the license an amateur does not make.

Click here to see probably one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever seen posted to QRZ.COM. Keep in mind that this was not posted by some raw fresh-from-the-exam newbie, this was posted by a 2×2 EXTRA, who used the fact he held the EXTRA license class asa way of looking down his nose at people during the whole debacle on QRZ when he bragged about telling off the USAF crew who tried to check into his net.

It would seem that his total ignorance of emergency ham radio rules also extends to radio theory as well, since I’m sure ANYONE with at the very least a rudimentary knowledge of radio knows that you cna’t use a DTH satellite dish to talk on HF…!! I’m no Extra… in fact, I hold the LOWEST possible license classification that Industry Canada provides…. and this was a no brainer to me. “Sure”, you say… “But Bryan works in TV… he not only knows what frequency range DTH satellites transmit at, he probably knows the exact frequency and transponder # of DishNet”. But… COME ON now… this is basic antenna theory here!!

Feel free to cisit the thread and post your two cents before the thread gets locked. The funniest part is how he brags that he is a “FEMA CERT Trainer”. I can only thank GOD I don’t live anywhere where FEMA has to rescue me, if this dolt is the kind of people they’ve got working for them. No wonder the response to Katrina was such a mess……..

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6 Responses to For those who think that Extras are ‘better’ operators…

  1. ad4xe says:

    Unreal! How can we comment on this! I don’t want to appear to look down my nose at anyone, I know a lot of no-code operators who Know more about theroy and the hobby in general than most extras I know. He needs and elmer, or maybe he really needed an elmer before he got his ticket.I know we have all heard it before but I guess I just want to say it again, it’s gotten too damn easy for anyone to obtain a ticket. This also brings to mind more serious issues like safety! Sooner or later he’ll experiment with something he knows nothing about and get himself fried!

  2. n5ksk says:

    Nothing really wrong with memorizing a question pool. However, what you do AFTER you pass reveals motive. Most (at least in the past) hams knew they didn’t know it all when they passed a test, and continued to learn and improve their skills afterward. There’s nothing wrong, really, with asking a question you honestly don’t know the answer to. But, even I, at my lowly tech-grandfathered-plus status, remember that basic info from the questions and study I did.

    Anybody should be able to do some basic research before asking something in public that proves that no, they didn’t sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night… or the night before…

  3. gibbonboy says:

    T – R – O – L – L. Come on, folks! Can’t you appreciate that this doodah first BRAGS about telling off a USAF crew, then asks if he can use a DSS dish for HF? Sounds like a fine way to kick over the barrel of snakes and monkeys at and enjoying the ruckus he’s created. And being a CERT trainer qualifies you to teach housewives to use flashlights and put on bandaids, period.

  4. Administrator says:

    Troll or not, it was a pretty dumb message.

    If he was just trying to stir the pot, all he did is make people think even less of him. The Salvation Army was in contact with me over this issue (they didn’t like me using the Sally Ann shield when tlaking about the guy) – and they has some pretty harsh words to say about him, and informed me that he’s more or less been blacklisted from any further emergency actions with either SATERN or the Red Cross.

    Why draw more negative attention to yourself when you’re already one of the most ridiculed and reviled person in all of ham radio? He’s obviously not too bright, or he’d be laying low. Dumb move on either point.

  5. richard says:

    This sounds very much to me like he had a ‘pal’ who was a VE just sign off on his license.

    Which apparently happens a lot now.

    Of course, now that I’m the US, I should try and find me one of these ‘pal’ VE’s…

    Or maybe there’s some ‘pal’ VE that’s sufficiently shady enough to take a ‘donation’?

    That shit makes me sick.

  6. Kramer says:

    Words can not describe this low life individual.Perhaps QRZ should ban this nut case for just being plain stupid.

    I saw his post also on using a DDS dish for HF.

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