Construction Light

We got this e-mail and great photo from Don KC8BQR:

I figured this was one worthy of sending it to the crew there.

The Cleveland HamFest and Computer Show (more like boat anchor show) was this past Sunday. I was leaving when I saw this gem sitting in the parking lot. Upon somewhat closer (and not so noticeable) inspection, that sure looks like construction paper in the domes of the lightbar.

Can anyone enlighten me as to WHY? (insert insane laughter here). Does this make it brighter, or keep the bugs from swarming around the intense beams of light protruding from the Federal Signal Jetsonic lightbar…you decide.

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6 Responses to Construction Light

  1. kanabecsys says:

    Is it maybe because he can’t legally get red lenses, and was trying to ‘make’ his own?

  2. VE3HBD says:

    What’s with the dual red-yellow setup?

    People will be confused.. “It’s a police car.. no it’s a tow truck… no it’s a police car… no it’s a tow truck…”

  3. WA3RDM says:

    I am betting he bought it on flea-bay and couldnt get lenses, so he made his own …

    I would have just bought some red celophane at least.

  4. Waddy Defuk says:

    I think that’s just a clear plastic tube with construction paper rolled up inside. If the authorities inquire, he can simply claim that it’s a mount for a couple of those antennas. To anyone else glancing in their rear-view mirror, this is da man.

    What a dweeb.

  5. Richiee says:

    Hey folks Seeing that this is my truck I’ll tell you why……… I used it in a parade for my daughter’s softball team, maroon and gold are the team colors and I used plastic folders to try to make the lightbar match. Anyways I havent put the normal amber filters back in. So thanks Don for jumping to conclusions before you know whats going on. And rember your not the only one in ohio that reads Hamsexy… K8RHE Rich

  6. wx8sky says:

    Well Rich,

    At first glance I perceived it to be just another whackermobile, but thanks for that clarification 🙂

    Hey, look at it this way, at least you got your 15 minutes of fame on HAMSEXY…


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