Hamsexy Net Tonight

The Hamsexy Net is ON THE AIR tonight!!
There are two ways you can get on the net:

IRLP: Node 9008
Echolink: *VAN-IRLP* (remember the asterisks!!)

Unfortunatley, the live stream will NOT be up tonight – VE3NSV Terry is in the midst of a move, and refuses to drop everything to help you out. Nice guy, huh?

Instead, you can listen to the stream courtesy Matt KE4NOY at http://www.warp-radio.com. Thanks!!!

The net goes live at 0100 GMT (6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern) tonight!!

Net Control tonight will be Bryan VE3HBD. The theme for tonight is “What is your favourite Beer”

See you tonight!

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7 Responses to Hamsexy Net Tonight

  1. K8TEK says:

    Terry advised the stream will not be up due to a move. Sorry those without echolink or irlp.

  2. vk2qq says:

    Stevo’s stream working fine here, thanks.
    Brad VK2QQ

  3. vk2qq says:

    I don’t care for beer much, but I can recommend a good beer ad.


  4. KC9ECI says:

    Guinness dammit!

  5. WA3RDM says:

    Cold Fosters, in the BIG cans …

  6. w9zro says:

    I also Like SPATEN but it is too expencive

  7. va3igd says:

    Nothin’ can beat a good old frosty Moosehead for breakfast!

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