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GOT A GOOD DAYTON STORY? We’d love to hear it!

If you have a good Dayton story, drop us a note at We’d love to hear from you!   I spent most my time hanging out with my friends by the truck, so i don’t have any.  There must be … Continue reading

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XTS5000 VHF Model 3 stolen out of a vehicle in Phily last night.

Heads up folks.  One of our friends had his model vhf xts5000stolen last night.  Details are as follows:  XTS5000 VHF Model 3 stolen out of a vehicle in Phily last night.  Model #:  H18KEH9PW7AN Serial: 320CHH1560 RADIO HAS ALL TAGS Has … Continue reading

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We’re looking for a few good authors!  Have you submitted articles to us and had them not show up?  Do you have an article that would be great for us?   Then hop on the forums and drop myself or … Continue reading

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The FOY Manifesto

Brad posted this earlier.  I thought the hamsexy audience would enjoy it.  I believe : -the Constitution should be the ONLY law of the land, anything thats not expressly listed should NOT be law, NO EXCEPTIONS, NO COMPROMISE. -personal liberties … Continue reading

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3838khz lsb 10:30pm est tonight – impromptu get together

See you there!  

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Free License upgrades in Maryland on Feb 24.

Free paper upgrades for those that already have a CSCE for their General exam will be held of Saturday February 24 at the following locations and times: Please bring with you your current original license, your original Certificate of Successful … Continue reading

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The time has come again to raise the funds to pay for the booth.  If you wish to donate to the Dayton 2007 hamsexy booth fund, please send your donation to  (I decided to use the submission email for … Continue reading

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