Canadian Goon Squad – Mark 2

(Courtesy of VE3RTT – from the Milton, Canada Hamfest in July 2005)

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12 Responses to Canadian Goon Squad – Mark 2

  1. alex says:

    Who is wearing the public safety whacker pants… jesus christ… your not at work…

  2. va3igd says:

    Looks like an ARES photo oppotunity.

  3. whipeout says:

    You’re assuming alot, there Alex….. $100 says that he’s a member of NO public safety organization.. what a looooser.

  4. SixMeterSexy says:

    It is usually a poor idea for Canadians to wear shorts.


  5. Credicon says:

    From the looks of it, three people there are wearing “public safety whacker pants”, and on top of that, I know for a fact that at least one of them works for the government, and they are wearing their work pants

  6. vk2qq says:

    It is usually a poor idea for Canadians to wear shorts.

    At least they aren’t British, or it would be shorts, sandals and long socks!

  7. alex says:

    I have a nice pair of black pants with a gold stripe down the sides if anyone wants one! They are the real thing too! $200 takes them! Still with tags!

  8. n3jfw says:

    I thought you prefered to wear pink hot pants Alex?

    or was that Bryan?

  9. n3jfw says:

    oh, so like GAK is the FAGAN of the group right?

  10. richard says:

    Does anyone have a high-res version so I can get a 4×6 printed for my desk?

  11. X says:

    What a bunch of fags

  12. exkalibur says:

    Not as gay as you Shaun 🙂

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