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Caitlin Martin update

An anonymous submitter gave us this update on everyone’s favourite Transgendered scam artist, Caitlin Martin K7VO/K9NI: —- HamSexy Readers–Watch your wallet and member! The transexual radio/computer scammer Caitlyn Martin is on the loose and has relocated back to her old … Continue reading

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Scanner folk….

I often scoff at the rather superior stance that Hams seem to think they have in the radio community – especially against CB-types and Scanner folk. I’ve been a ham for pushing 30 years now, and I’ve seen my share … Continue reading

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Shelby Hamfest

The submission is a little tardy (entirely my fault), but Chuck KG4CGC sent us these photos from the Shelby Hamfest in Shelby, North Carolina at the beginning of September. Enjoy!! Suspender-sexy The North Carolina Hamsexy Shocktroops The “Laundry Hamper” Elvis … Continue reading

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From the ARES newsletter….

KC8WOL posted this “Letter to the Editor” in the Hamsexy Forums, and I felt it bore re-posting here. Apparantly ARES itself is starting to realize how pointless and redundant they are in an actual disaster scenario. + LETTERS: HTs, BUT … Continue reading

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King of All Weather-Whackers

Keith KC8TCQ posted a great message in the Hamsexy Forums about a weather whacker he met one night. As promised, here are the photos he snapped of this travesty on four bald tires. Enjoy! I had made a post about … Continue reading

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Phil from Toronto sent us these photos with his letter – I must say it wins the 2006 RELFECTORSEXY award hands down. Just driving down the street in peace, when suddenly I’m blinded by the 400 reflections of the sun … Continue reading

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The Best of Dayton (Well, so far…)

Here are some of the best images from the Dayton Hamfest this year – thanks to all who submitted photos and contributions!! We are still recieving submissions, watch this space for more images!! Booth-babe W0AMY giving the “Hamsexy Greeting” to … Continue reading

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Skywarn lightning magnet

E-Dog from Grand Rapids, Michigan sent us these photos of a Skywarn truck from Grandville. Covered with Skywarn stickers and antennae, this truck meets all the criteria for Hamsexy. I think it’s funny that a truck obviously designed to search … Continue reading

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