Craigslist Sexy

Purple is a good colour…


(Click for bigger)

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13 Responses to Craigslist Sexy

  1. W9JAB says:

    Can you here me now?

  2. ham tard says:

    What a POS. Typical CH 6 low lifers.

  3. n0loh says:

    Do they have one for my mobile?

  4. ham tard says:

    Isnt purple the gay pride color??

  5. yubyub says:

    @ham tard, purple is the Prince color, the rainbow is the gay pride color(s)

  6. ham tard says:

    I wouldnt know im not gay..

  7. mr. mike says:

    It may have been a mislisting of Amateur equipment; 30 kw on 11 meters would skip all the time. Notice the old ham gear on the rack next to the purple monster; a Bird wattmeter, something that looks Heathkit-ish (the green “boatanchor”), an antenna tuner (?) on top of the HK-ish rig. I don’t know what the hell the black one is: might be a CB base station, might be a late-70s ham boatanchor. My point is that the clown who built that amp might have been a 10-meter-only clown, a freebander, a slim, or just an old trucker trying to talk to his old buddies down in Arizona.

  8. ham tard says:

    Anyone that runs that sort of power needs thier head examined. Im assuming the guy needs to make up for the lack of size in another area on the male body.

  9. v9058 says:

    30000 Watts, is that even legal?

  10. bonetrager says:

    Dude, of course it’s legal. This is the internet we’re talking about here, there are standards!

  11. Datrikeman says:

    That green HeathKit on the left is an amplifier and is probably the driver for the amplifier.

  12. incognito says:

    i’m hoping you’re not serious.. but if you are, in the states it’s 4 watts.

  13. Mad Ham Disease says:

    That thing must splatter 30 MHz wide! Purple Rain will take down all of HF!

    Friggin’ five year olds have passed the Tech. Is it really that much for some tard CBer with an IQ lower than room temp to take an exam that’s pretty much designed to make sure you don’t kill yourself while putting up that badass beam right next to the power lines?

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