The Infamous W0AJA solderjob

10345121_10203964135492529_1424770803_nFor WWF/WWE fans, you obviously know all about the Montreal Screwjob, where officials manipulated the scripted end of a championship bout between Brett Hart and Shawn Michaels where Hart lost his belt.

Well, folks … here it is… the infamous Hamsexy W0AJA Solderjob — in which Hamsexy’s #1 fan Austin J. Ayers W0AJA ordered an ID-O-Matic kit from, completely butchers the board with probably one of the most epically inept attempts at electronics we’ve ever seen here at Hamsexy, and then demands a refund for ‘defective equipment,’ even filing a dispute with Paypal!

Dale at Hamgadgets, who has a lot more patience than most, asks A.J. to send the kit back — because who knows, maybe there was some sort of defect with what was sent out.

Here are some photos that Dale took of what A.J. sent back to him…. If you have children, please ask them to leave the room, because viewer discretion is strongly advised.

2013-11-16_12-42-11_0 2013-11-16_12-43-11_924 2013-11-16_12-44-51_575 2013-11-16_12-43-26_18 2013-11-16_12-43-11_924 2013-11-16_12-42-58_943 2013-11-16_12-42-29_702 2013-11-16_12-42-21_883

A.J. filed the dispute with Paypal claiming that the kit was ‘missing parts’ and that he had an ‘electrician’ professionally install it.

According to Dale. A.J. committed the following sins:

- Had parts installed in the wrong locations
– Had a jumper in place of a required capacitor
– Neglected to clip component leads, causing several shorts
– Numerous blobs of solder randomly left on the board
– Traces burned away due to excessively hot soldering
– Lying about missing and defective parts
– Filing a fraudulent refund claim through Paypal

10331579_10203964110331900_872062109_aDale says on the blog post where he first broke news of Austin J. Ayers W0AJA that he is very tolerant of people who are novices at electronic kits. I mean, we all started somewhere.

Dale said he’s helped out lots of beginners who, through inexperience or mistakes, have damaged his kits or installed them wrong. But — instead of admitting his mistakes or inexperience, A.J. Ayers W0AJA decided instead to lie and defraud Dale.

Hamgadgets is a great asset to the amateur radio world, supplying top notch kits that many hams rely on.

It kind of makes you wonder what else A.J. is being honest about…. perhaps, at 15 years old, being the CEO of a webhosting company with experience running four others? Or how about his claims of being a ‘beta tester’ for Wouxun, even though he supposedly received his radio long after it was released for sale?

Stay tuned….

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12 Responses to The Infamous W0AJA solderjob

  1. Mail says:

    So glad to see the update on this joke.

  2. Obama Sucks says:

    This Dildo AJ Ayers has a Youtube site.

    His videos are bizarre, and he has some oddball speech impediment.
    Seems to be a wannabe fireman.

  3. Obama Sucks says:

    FOrget my previous comments. After watching more of his YouTube videos, it is apparent the the poor guy has some issues, and most likely has been bullied his whole life, and his online antics are his way of feeling less victimized.

  4. Me says:

    That reminds me of the first kit I ever put together. It was a kit AM radio. In my defense this was pre-internet, I was pretty much on my own with nothing but a couple of paragraphs in a book to teach me to solder.

    Several years and much experience later I found the non-functioning kit packed away, redid every solder joint and sure enough, it now works!

    Well… maybe it wasn’t quite so bad. I did cut the excess leads off and I didn’t burn away any traces!

  5. Me says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    What?!? On hamsexy? Is that to make sure my comments are offensive enough? Could one possibly be TOO offensive to get accepted?

    • admin says:

      Hey there —

      It’s actually a measure to keep spam at bay. New commenters (at least, commenters from unfamiliar IP addresses) are held for approval. Now that you’ve been approved, you’ll (should) be able to comment with abandon!

      We get an inordinate amount of comment and linkback spam here… just today we had 20, and it’s only 5pm.

  6. Me says:

    That picture is just screaming for a caption contest.

    I keep thinking he looks like he just found out the ‘hot babe’ he has been chatting with online is a dude.

  7. Tim says:

    My first kit I thought sucked and that I did a bad job, but mine looked perfect compared to AJ’s! How did he even think that it would work with all the shorts and open traces he caused?

    I checked WHOIS for his webhosting site, it’s setup through GoDaddy so he’s basically just a GoDaddy reseller.

  8. BUBBA says:

    Do we have a Christian Weston Chandler in the making with AJ? Could he be the NEXT internet lulzcow?

  9. Jeff Hoggan says:

    A 90 year old with advanced Parkinson’s disease could solder better than that display of metal shit droppings – even after missing their medication for a week. What the hell did he use as a soldering iron – a blow torch?

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