Yes, hams shop at Wal-Mart….

And once again, a ham makes the pages of People of Walmart.


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8 Responses to Yes, hams shop at Wal-Mart….

  1. W2wtf says:

    There is someone right there who hasn’t been laid since 1982….

    CB’er sexy baby!!!!

  2. hamer says:

    In all fairness, that looks like a CB rig to me.

  3. Andrew says:

    Anyone going to Dayton this year???

  4. rfrederick says:

    I’m most certainly going to Dayton. Can’t wait to see what hamsexy gems will turn up this year. Another shitstorm perhaps?

  5. n0loh says:

    All that aluminum nearly doubles the value of that car.

  6. dave says:

    Thanks you hamsexy its been 2 long !
    I wonder what his handicap is? perhaps brain damage from all the RF?!

  7. mr. mike says:

    Almost as hamsexy as the white Benz with the two 706s and the 600 magmounts.

  8. mr. mike says:

    I gave a link to Hamsexy on the “People of Walmart” page; nobody over there has said a nice thing about this whacker-kludgemobile.

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