ARES sexy

Anonymous writes:

“N5TMZ Brazoria County Texas REACT – ARES – SKYWARN – ‘and whatever else is happening member’ Stickers Keep It Together, When The $hit Gets Real!!!”


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3 Responses to ARES sexy

  1. Unit 403Ricer says:

    Maybe this guy is bridging the gap between ricers and wackers – You know…stickers add moar horsepowers…which you would need for outrunning tornados!

    And at least it’s not a crown vic?

  2. n0loh says:

    He forgot his RACES sticker.

    On the other hand, if it weren’t for schmucks like him, the people that schlep this stuff would be out of business, so maybe he’s good for the economy. PLEASE IGNORE THAT LAST SENTENCE!

    The van down the road looks underdressed for the occasion, which is most likely opening time at Dandy Donuts.

    What do you want to bet they’re in QSO with each other using the local repeater to do so?

  3. mr. mike says:

    We need a coffee table book: “Ham Shitmobiles of North America.”

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