Reversal of our ‘polite request policy’

92768fbef3cc33945f3ecbc78dc570f9Goooood day Hamsexy!! Last month, A.J. Ayers W0AJA, through our Polite Request Policy, asked that some stories posted to Hamsexy in December 2013 referencing a disagreement he had with the seller of an electronics kit be removed from this site, and then faked a letter from the FBI demanding that our story be removed He told us that it he was indeed being foolish, acknowledged that he made a mistake and he was trying hard to get past the indiscretions of his past.

Bryan VE6HBD, one of our admins, was assigned his case and felt that A.J.’s intentions were sincere enough to warrant the removal. Bryan tells us that right away he knew this wasn’t going to go as smoothly as he hoped. Bryan encountered some login issues, aside with being busy at work, that prevented him from getting the story down right away.

Bryan tells us that A.J. kept pestering him, demanding to know why the story wasn’t taken down. Finally, Bryan contacted the Hamsexy webmaster to access the site through FTP and just delete the offending pages from the server. Bryan took special note that, when he was informed that the stories were taken down and to apologize for the delay, A.J.’s reply was ‘okay.’ Not a thank you or anything.

10345121_10203964135492529_1424770803_nBryan is a bit of a gratitude whore, I think.

Anyhow — the week go on, and working under assumed absolution he got from Hamsexy, proceeded to make a complete pest of himself on our Facebook page, to the point where several members got so fed up they decided to start fucking with him a bit. That’s when things started to get interesting.

After being banned from the Hamsexy group for being an enormous pain the ass (and claiming that he was part of Facebook’s admin team and that he will have Hamsexy banned for ‘harassment,’ he goes on a bit of a tear on some other Ham Radio websites and Facebook groups.

10331579_10203964110331900_872062109_aAs a bit of a ‘fuck you’ to Hamsexy, he decided to take his toys home and form a new clubhouse.

He gets an idea in his head to start his own ham radio website (of which seems to be an exact clone of QRZ.COM,) and proceeds to head to QRZ.COM and ask them what they think of his idea in their Discussions, Opinions and Editorials forum. (Oh, with a proviso that none of the critiques be ‘harsh’ — so he wanted feedback, but only if it was positive.)

First of all, the link he provided resolved to a blank page. After that was fixed, people were sent to a login page with no way of signing up. Some of the would-be testers balked at having to sign up for an account to offer an opinion, with others asking A.J. what he was planning to offer that QRZ didn’t already.

2013-11-16_12-42-58_943A.J.’s repsonse was that his website was going to be ‘more like Facebook’ than QRZ, and that his dream was to create a social media website, but just for hams. Of course, this begs the question about what’s wrong with Facebook that we need a website that promises to be a clone of Facebook, not to mention does a 15 year old kid who can’t solder have the coding skills to create an entirely new social media platform from scratch, when all he can present is a login screen?

2013-11-16_12-42-29_702A.J. started to get a little unhinged from there, as people chose not to take his ‘nothing harsh’ requirement to heart. When adults with real-world web development experience started to give A.J. advice and reasons why his idea wouldn’t work, A.J. started to go on the defensive (aside from the crusty old hams who take any mention Facebook as an ‘in’ to explain why they don’t understand Facebook and that they’re better people than most for not having a Facebook account.)

He told his growing list of detractors that he will offer many services that QRZ doesn’t (with no mention of what it is,) adding that this new site with be “…strictly monitored. Most sites are not strictly monitored.”

In other words, this site will be a ‘fuck you’ to every other forum that booted him off for being annoying.


‘Strictly monitored’ in this context seems to mean ‘kick off people who disagree with me,’ pretty much confirming that the whole exercise is a powertrip. He the finished his email by completely trashing QRZ, and calling QRZ out for monetizing their content, which REALLY for the QRZ-folk riled up.

They tore a strip off the young shaver, asking why they should believe his claims that his site will be better than QRZ if he thinks that QRZ is an appropriate venue to advertise his site.

He then proceeds to rip apart Radioreference, claiming that because he was “once a moderator” there he “knows their entire network” (the fact he was a mod on RR is most likely bullshit since his history of lies are well documented.)

The best quote from the thread is this one, from a messaged dated April 24 2014: “The site will be liked by many, as it already is. Plus, as a benefit, my server is on a government leased IP range so if any attacks are to occur, the Fed’s will already know about it, so safer than some online sites for hams.”

This is the same kid that sent us a fake letter pretending to be from the FBI, demanding under penalty of law that we remove references to him from our site.

He also seems to have had quite the prodigal career in business for someone at the tender age of 15, at least according to the about us page on the website for his web hosting company QRZHOSTING, (?!) where he claims he’s owned “four previous hostign (sic) companies” and that he claimed he came up with the idea to start a ham and GMRS operator- only web service “After doign (sic) some sidework (sic) for GoDaddy”

Back to QRZ, A.J. claims that the four-person dream team that’s assembled to make real his dream of being the next Fred Lloyd/Mark Zuckerberg hybrid has an equally enviable pedigree. Of his team, he says:1 designs the datacenters that big corporate offices use, 1 is an intern for CenturyLink, but you can read about all of us once the new site is up.

No mention of who these people are, or why they’ve decided to enter into a new internet venture with a 15 year old kid with a well documented history of fibbing.

Then, as if he *wanted* people to lose their minds on him, he ends with probably one of the best examples of Internet delusion I’ve ever seen: “This thread will not be read until 6:01 PM EST so please do not comment until you see the new site.”

So, as you can imagine, commenting on the issue halted until 6:01 PM EST, as per A.J. Ayer’s wishes.

Just kidding… nobody obeyed.

Commenting continued, despite A.J.’s request that he would rather it not.

Faced with a quickly sinking ship and people pointing out that he’s already asked for opinions on his little social media venture on other forums, A.J. responds by bashing QRZ and accusing his detractors of being trolls from Hamsexy (not realizing that the only people who hate us more than A.J. are members of the QRZ forums.)

He caps it off with a trifecta of hamsexiness:

“This forum is just like HamSexy, no wonder why the ARRL doesn’t approve of QRZ.”
When did the ARRL ever pass a decree on its approval of QRZ? Why would the ARRL even need to sanction a private business that it has nothing to do with?

“I have a GSA website on the same server, so that is why it is on a government leased IP Block.”
His response to people asking to explain what he meant by his website being on a “government leased IP range” — which he claims will protect him from spammers (and probably Hamsexy.)

“I thought I asked nicely to not reply until 6:01 PM EST.”

The thread comes to a merciful end when A.J. locked the thread (apparently OPs can lock their own threads on QRZ — who knew?) and putting a cherry on the sundae with:
“most of those people liked the idea, but the HamSexy Fools came over and spammed it. Thats why I had them banned. And they were not bad, just suggestions.I am never posting on here ever again, thisnis nothing but HamSexy. Thread Now Closed!”

Again, the kid has no concept of history.

So — as per popular request, we will be re-posting the messages that got A.J. so worked up that he faked a letter from the FBI to get them off, and marks the first ever reversal of our ‘polite request policy’ They’ll be posted in the next few messages. Watch for them!!

Keeper of Hamsexy! Awesomeness’s Comments:  First AJ Contacted our ISP to demand they obscure his callsign, or shutdown/ban hamsexy from the ISP. Since he was nice, polite & sincere we did obscure his callsign.  AJ also claimed that he received death threats due to being on hamsexy.  AJ Then contacted Bryan, VE6HBD to delete the posts even tho he had been happy at the concealment of his callsign.

AJ Also said that the radio reference scanner feed should be turned off for his local law enforcement as its “jamming the ham repeaters”.  Unfortunately the people at radio reference deleted all the threads about that.

Have a great night!!


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