Anybody still read this site? 🙂

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  1. bhtooefr says:

    Some of us leave it in our RSS readers.

  2. VXO says:


  3. kszys says:

    yes.. rss feed ..

  4. 600# extra says:

    Yep. Back that ass up.

  5. chris says:

    Yes! And I miss seeing it updated.

    Next time I go to a hamfest, maybe I’ll try to take some pictures of anything particularly ridiculous…

  6. Hank says:

    This is where I get my HAM fashion tips.

  7. WTF says:

    Yea I still read it, almost daily, but we need to find some more updates for the front page.

  8. ImAsexyHam says:

    Hey, I heard there is a hamsexy facebook page. you should provide a link to it for easy clicking. I’m too lazy to do it myself because my butt is stuck to my chair

  9. omnomsexy says:

    I keep waiting for updates….

  10. ki4rex says:

    I subscribe to the rss feed…

  11. Keith says:

    RSS here too.

  12. Tim says:

    I check in every couple of weeks.

  13. Tom says:

    I’ve read this website about a 167 times, and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it!

  14. n0loh says:

    It’s my homepage!

  15. Ham Chow says:

    I do. I miss your updates! Hamvention can’t get here soon enough.

    I need some more pictures of the hot and sexy ladies you always seem to find there.

  16. misteralex says:

    Yes, yes and yes.
    I think this site has a great attitude towards this whole radio mess we’ve gotten ourselves involved in. Keep up the good work. Ham radio should be fun and that’s what you’re doing.

  17. Bird Borg says:

    Still visit every few months.. Need more updates

  18. KB1UYS says:

    >Anybody still read this site?

    Ever heard of SERVER LOGS?! FFS, check your logs, you probably get 50,000 hits per month looking for new posts.

    We humbly bow and grovel at your feet awaiting the grace to receive another update.

  19. NoCodeEXTRA says:

    I check once a week. Love the site, wish there were more frequent updates. I’d suggest Mr. Ted Jeffries ND4K of Inglis Florida for some attention. Read his whiny ass letter to QST on page 24 of the April 2012 issue. He believes that the Amateur Extra class license has lost its dignity due to the removal of the morse requirement. He suggests a new badge “Maximum Communicator” to adorn the sunken chests and dusty walls of extra class operators that pass a 20 WPM exam administered by the ARRL. Funny, Doesn’t ARRL still do qualifying runs? Seems to me, now he wants two badges for his 20 wpm? Shouldn’t dignity come from something other than a piece of paper?

  20. N3IMU says:

    Dude, this isn’t just a website. It’s a cultural reference point and permanent part of the language for a whole generation of hams. We say things like “I was going to install a bigger antenna on the car, but decided it would just be too hamsexy.” Heck, you’re even helping to reduce some of the more egregious displays of hamsexiness. A radio club I know was talking about getting some officious-looking ID cards printed up, and I pointed them to one of the posts here awhile back. There’s been no more mention of ID cards from them since.

    So yeah, more updates please. Hamfest season is coming up, and I, for one, will be keeping a camera handy for it.

  21. GroundedGridSexxy says:

    I think we need to establish a Hamsexy accredited Exam for Emcom Wanking. Those here still reading this forum will be required to contribute to a question pool. Once done we can
    have some sort of VE process. Those who pass will get mailed a nice 8×12″ certificate
    with their callsign and a wallet card. The initial set of Hamsexxy operating privileges
    granted will be minimum 500W operation on the 11m (CB) band – preferably using high VSWR
    and amps in clipping region. No CB SSB allowed initially. Here’s a rough draft of the
    sections of question groups:

    1. Requirements of Emcomm Emergency Vehicle (lights, tires, engine reqts, rims, tints, decor)
    2. Uniforms, Attire, Identification, Ranks and Insignia
    3. Communications Equipment Standards (aka gear)
    4. Pre-Event Operations
    4a. Securing food, water, shelter and sources of electrical power
    4b. Threat assessment (nuclear, Rapture, Comet impact) and selecting a relocation site
    4c. Interaction with other agencies (Police/Fire/EMS, Strategic Air Command, NASA, CIA)
    5. Post-Event and Restoration of Order
    5a. Basic Police and Arrest Procedures (apprehending and securing suspects, investigations)
    5b. Emergency Judicial Procedures (tribunals, courtmarshals and conducting executions)
    5c. Coordination with Local Militias and Sovereign Nation Individuals in your area.
    6. Social issues in the Emergency Situations
    6a. Learn who REALLY controls the Banks and International money markets.
    6b. The hidden effects of Flouride in water on the memory and learning.

  22. NoCodeEXTRA says:

    GroundedGridSexxy is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! We need a HamSexy EMCOMM certification quiz. Give the recipient a certificate by PDF. Although I disagree with the question pool he has put forward, think of it as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” for hams.
    Question 1 – Do you know morse code? Yes, they can go on, No, they get a snarky reply and are told that they are the reason for everything wrong in ham radio.
    Question 2 – Can you implement a functional internet email gateway and blue force tracking system for 20 fixed users and 50 mobile units, using only off-grid equipment and assuming a required relay distance of 180 miles. Yes – they get told that Internet is not ham radio and to stop assing around, No, they are allowed to move on in the quiz as suitable fucktards for the fat and useless crew.
    Question 3 – Can they pass a POPAT, Cooper’s, POST, CPAT, APFT, AFPFT or any other form of standardized physical fitness test? If Yes, they are allowed to continue. If No, they are told they are elligible for Command Staff, provided they are NIMS/EMCOMM1 certified.
    Question 4 – Something about their “Go Bag” radio. How many forms of electriciy can be fed into it? Extra points for Anderson Powerpoles.
    Question 5 – Can they lift or reliably move the radio from Question 4 more than 600 yards, dodging debris, while wearing a Hi-Vis vest, ballcap with the words “EMCOMM” on it and carrying a clipboard, paper, pens, forms, insulin, ensure and geritol?
    Question 6 – Do they have a wankermobile? With lights? Siren? Fancy Decals? Response kit?
    Question 7 – When is the last time you saw your dick?
    Question 8 – If needed to move debris, how long can they operate a chainsaw, shovel, come-along, pick or wheelbarrow without insulin, oxygen, cardiac intervention or hearing aid batteries?

    I know there are more questions….

  23. rfrederick says:

    Got my ticket around 1.5 months ago, and I’m loving this place!

  24. mr. mike says:

    Bring back the really old stuff, like the Canadian ham who used to prank the drive through windows with his HTX, all the old QRZ nonsense, etc.

  25. Slimbob says:

    Desperately waiting for more hamsexiness!

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