Brampton Hamfest

Today I went to HAMEX 2007, sponsored by the Peel Amateur Radio Club and the Mississauga Amateur Radio Club in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

 I meant to get there at 9am at opening, but I was delayed and didn’t get to the fest until about 10. By then, the place had been picked clean, and there was nothing left worth buying.

 I met up with a few friends of Hamsexy at the fest, including Rod VE3RTT, Jamie VA3HAX, Rob VE3ESC, Adrian VA3AGF and Tom VE3FIS.

Some old Military Radios


The fleamarket, in all it’s stinky goodness.

Adrian VA3AGF with his new purchase

About 90% of the patrons at this year’s fest were at
least 10 years older than the radio set underneath the laptop.

Welcome to the Hamfest, where one of the most popular
tables sold nothing but gun sights, scopes and binoculars.

A couple of hamfesters offer their approval

Nothing says “Hamfest” like the Wheels of Steel

Nothing completes a Hamfest more than overt illegal drug references.

Some random vendor approves!!

Coming soon… some shots from the parking lot.


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10 Responses to Brampton Hamfest

  1. ad4xe says:

    Adrian has that “I just got the best deal of the fest” look on his face. How much did he snag that service monitor for?

  2. Respond Wayne says:

    Naw, he always has that look on his face, well except for that time his Karate chopped Tom’s car! Can’t wait to see the parking lot pictures…

  3. Lenny says:

    “Roll A Fatty”

    Means to mug or rob a hamfest patron.

    I see no drug reference here.

  4. ve3nsv says:

    Ah the wheels of steel, reminds me of the late 80’s on CFNY with Deadly Headly and Chris Sheppard.

  5. wmw1490 says:

    This is exactly why I don’t go to hamfests. Let’s buy “vintage” crapola and walk around like a dork…hmmm, sounds like fun. I’d go to one, but I’m always busy cutting my toenail (yes, the one single nail that takes bolt cutters to clip) or rolling a fatty (not mugging a hamfest patron).

  6. joe king says:

    Overall it was a pleasant Hamex hamfest.
    It’s nice to see mil spec radios again.
    No fights or brawls, hamcops and real people getting along till their purchases are made, sort of like an amatuer love-in from the flower power era.
    I think Adrian got the bestest deal of the Hamex, some strange box of electrical stuff for $ .50!
    Lots of junk for all to buy, Roll them fatties!

  7. kc2jns says:

    Where’s the Amazing Mystery Box of Mystery Junk? Ain’t a hamfest unless there’s an Amazing Mystery Box of Mystery Junk.

  8. Respond Wayne says:

    I’m still waiting for the whacktacular parking lot pics…

  9. VE3HBD says:

    Yes Master!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been busy, and haven’t gotten around to posting them yet.

  10. Respond Wayne says:


    I always thought I was Mater… Tow Mater…

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