The FOY Manifesto

Brad posted this earlier.  I thought the hamsexy audience would enjoy it. 

I believe :
-the Constitution should be the ONLY law of the land, anything thats not expressly listed should NOT be law, NO EXCEPTIONS, NO COMPROMISE.
-personal liberties should be protected at all cost.
-bureaucrats with bad comb overs don’t belong in peoples private lives.
-social programs suck and I shouldn’t have to support others,
-in the undeniable right to carry a gun and defend ones self and family,
-main stream pop culture is created by idiots for idiots.
-“reality TV” should be banned, it makes the masses dumb,
-parents should be responsible for children, not the school system,
-the IRS is illegal,
-government is NOT to be trusted at all, even locally,
-our elected officials should fear the wrath of the people,
-you pull your weight or you starve,
-you should be able to spank your kids, it builds character and a sense of right and wrong,
-we will have to fight Islam, they won’t have it any other way, violence is in their beliefs, its either going to be in their back yard or in ours,
-I don’t need church, synagogue, or mosque, but if you do thats cool, just don’t try to force it upon me,
-I’m proud to be a infidel,
-I should be able to use deadly force against any intruder into my home,
-I’m not afraid to offend someone, (SO GO FUCK YOURSELF ALREADY!!)
-if you leave hanging chads, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote,
-just because you are in movies or on TV doesen’t make you important, the world will function without you just fine,
-political correctness is for those offended by the truth,
-states should make their own choices w/o federal interference,
-illegals should be deported to protect the sovereignty of our country,
-I’m in it for me and my family only, I could care less if you starve,
-NAFTA, CAFTA and China’s “most favored nation status” screwed the American worker,
-no free passes for corporations, I pay, you pay too,
-property taxes prevent you from EVER owning your home,
-the Marines should be deployed to the UN to help them move to France,
-pedophiles should be killed, no exceptions,
-you are solely responsible for your actions and must accept the consequences,
-that if you want to slob knob or eat box, I don’t care just keep it private, I don’t have sex with my wife in public and would like the same respect,
-Bush is a idiot,
-Cheney is corrupt,
-Kennedy is a murderer,
-Kerry committed treason,
-Pelosi is a dumb power hungry cunt,
-the Clintons kill to maintain power,
-Edwards is a cocksmoker,
-Obama is a fool,
-Graham is a asshat,
-Gore is a full of shit hypocrite,
-Nader is a jackass,
-the only signs in the US written in a foreign language should point to English classes,
-I don’t feel guilty because I’m a white male, matter a fact I’m proud because of it. I also don’t owe you or anybody else shit.

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17 Responses to The FOY Manifesto

  1. N8FQ says:

    So, you’re an anarchist then?

  2. BLOCKHEAD says:

    Now THAT’s a rant!!

  3. K8TEK says:

    So, you’re an anarchist then?


  4. n3jfw says:

    I really don’t see how that makes Brad an anarchist.

  5. Boomboy64 says:

    The thing that pisses me off the most is that instead of discussing the main issue, the article rants about how his privacy was invaded.


  6. VE3HBD says:

    How does that *POSSIBLY* make him an Anarchist?

    an·ar·chist /?æn?rk?st/ –noun

    1. a person who advocates or believes in anarchy or anarchism.

    2. a person who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government, with no purpose of establishing any other system of order in the place of that destroyed.

    I agree with a good chunk of what he said…. Does that make me an anarchist, too? Time to go firebomb a McDonalds, then.

  7. kg4foy says:

    But I thought we were supposed to firebomb Starbucks!?!?!?…..SHIT!! I better go apologize to the coffee jockey dude I covered with burning gasoline this morning….

  8. SixMeterSexy says:

    Wow. There is so much in there that is self-contradictory, I don’t even know where to start. Stunning.

    OK, I’ll add on to his comprehensive list:

    “The undereducated should sit down and keep quiet.”

  9. K8YS_Bob says:

    “-no free passes for corporations, I pay, you pay too”

    You get to pay either way… Tax a corporation and guess what, they pass the tax onto you. Pay now, or pay later, you still pay.

    “-property taxes prevent you from EVER owning your home”

    MOVE! I have no problem paying for a home – I do vote NO on every tax levy. Sometimes I get my way, some times not. Even renters pay property tax.

    “-I should be able to use deadly force against any intruder into my home”

    MOVE! Just this week, an intruder in Florence KY was killed and still another in Hamilton OH was killed… no charges will be filed against the homeowner.

  10. webdoc says:

    Well I mostly agree, there are several things in our society that are truely borked.

    1. Welfare, while it’s original intention is great, it has become a waste of tax payer money. Originally it was intended to be a TEMPORARY assistance to those who lost their jobs etc. There needs to be a deadline that sayd after so long the assistance goes away, so go get a damn job.

    2. Social Security / disability. After working my ass off for years, now having a screwed up neck/back, and now having had a stroke, I still do not qualify for disability. But a dumbass with no self control, who has never worked a day in his frigging life gets SS Disability/SSI for being addicted to Crack????!!!!!!!

  11. ku4my says:

    As far as dusting intruders goes, in our spot of heaven on earth, there is no doubt that some LEO here has already informed FOY that if you dust him in the yard, or in the doorway and the intruder falls out of the house, just drag them back inside and it’s all good. I do however feel that one’s protectable property should include land and not just one’s abode too.

    Impressive rant, as always, but most of us know FOY is just that way. For the ass hats that don’t want to hear what he has to say, don’t read it. Those of you that think conservatism is a disease obviously have and own NOTHING so, as some of us do have a little something, have worked hard to get it and are willing to work hard to keep it too, just STFU and carry your poor have nothing white assed comments a little further down the road. Maybe IF or WHEN you may actually have something worth protecting will you ever have the right to come back and tell us all why it is so much better to allow people to take from you what you have worked for. Jeebus, some people are complete ass hats, funny how 99% of them are liberals.

  12. richard says:

    Don’t hold back, KU4MY… tell us how you really feel!

  13. ku4my says:

    Ahhhhh, shucks, you know me too well already Richard.

  14. Kramer says:

    I think FOY is way over rated.

  15. kg4foy says:

    You my friend, are just jealous….

  16. joe king says:

    The law of the land is the same as the law of the universe.
    “Like begets like.”

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