Funny ARES message

A contact with Dufferin ARES (which is somewhere in Canada), sent us this message, which was sent to all members:

I received a call from the works department today enquiring if I knew of an amateur who owns a blue pickup with three antennas.

Apparently, on Monday of this week during the height of the storm one of the county’s snow ploughs was involved in an accident on Veterans Way located near the new site of Humber College.

The owner of the truck began erecting road closed signs along with cones.

The county is concerned that the only people authorized to erect road closed signs is the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police).

I am sure the owner of the pickup felt he was helping out but if he is an amateur, please remember that our only jurisdiction is in communications.

I advised the county that I did not think this person was an A.R.E.S. member but would ask the membership. If you can assist me, please advise.

Thanks to our anonymous submitter!!

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4 Responses to Funny ARES message

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  2. Respond Wayne says:

    The OPP erect “Road Closed” signs?!? Where would they put said signage? Maybe this person with the pickup was a Volunteer with REACT? Although there is only 3 antennas and no mention of flashing lights…

  3. ve3nsv says:

    Like a whacker ham would have proper road closure signs, where would he keep them? Sounds like the County or MTO closed the roads at the request of the OPP and somebody got their wires crossed.

  4. Respond Wayne says:

    You would think that there would be some sort of markings on the truck, and maybe a blinking light… Even here in Simcoe County & New Tecumseth, our trucks are marked!

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